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6 Reasons Why Flow Meters Should Use Off Grid Solar Power Systems

SEPCO 4/5/16 10:00 AM
Off Grid Solar Power System for Flow Meter Flexim

Off-grid solar power systems provide power to many different applications. Flow meter systems can be used with many different applications such as gas, water, oil, or just about anything else that flows. Solar is used to provide power to the remote areas for these types of projects. Here are six reasons why flow meters should use off-grid solar power systems. Recently installed was a small solar power system used to power a flow metering and temperature measurement device.

  1. Solar provides power to these remote locations. A lot of the time, the pipes are located in such remote areas; there is no power anywhere nearby, leaving the customer with no alternative. Solar power can be installed in just about any location as long as there is no shade.

  2. If sized correctly, meaning for the geographic location and power production requirements, there is no worry the meters will be without power as the battery provides plenty of back-up and the solar should be large enough to keep the battery at full.

  3. With a solar power assembly, no worry about electrical failures/spikes/variances causing a loss of these important measurements. Solar power will provide a steady power supply to the equipment ensuring they work as intended at all times.

  4. The cost is minimal compared to trenching out grid power and then paying for meters and electric bills month after month. The solar power assembly is a one-time cost when purchasing from a reputable solar power company.

  5. The off-grid solar power assembly provides long-term maintenance-free operation and only requires a visit once every five to seven years for a battery change. The solar panels have a 30+ year life span and the control electronics should last at least 15 years.

  6. Solar power is eligible for the 30% Federal Tax Credit. There are also State and Local incentives in a lot of areas for use of solar power systems. Check out DSIREUSA for more information on how you can qualify.

The project photo shown above was recently installed for flow meter power by Flexim and Cherokee Measurement and Control used to power their meters. This is a perfect example of how these off-grid solar power systems can be used. Contact us for more information on project specifics or to see how we can assist you with your off-grid solar power system needs.


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