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Introduction to Solar Electric Power Company

Posted by SEPCO | 6/29/11 10:46 AM

MCAS Miramar Solar LightsWelcome to Solar Electric Power Company’s blog. Herein we will be posting articles and information about the solar lighting and solar power industry, green alternative, environmentally friendly options, and many other related topics.

Solar Electric Power Company (SEPCO) is the pioneer in solar lighting and remote solar power systems and was started in 1994. Founded by Steve Robbins, who designed and patented the world’s first commercial solar street light, SEPCO has been providing solar lighting and solar power solutions to customers worldwide.

Over the past 15+ years, SEPCO has experienced exponential growth by providing a wide range of off-grid solar power and solar lighting solutions including compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), light emitting diods (LED), metal halide, induction, low pressure sodium, and high pressure sodium. SEPCO also offers turtle friendly lighting for coastal areas.

SEPCO manufactures a full line of high performance off-grid solar lighting and solar power systems for lower power applications. SEPCO’s brand stands out from the rest by offering each customer experience as they have provided solar lighting systems for more than two decades and have always been the industry leader in new technologies.

SEPCO only uses high performance light fixtures to provide optimum light distribution and highest target efficiency. SEPCO also uses marine grade aluminum panel pans that are power riveted to the backside of the solar array to protect the highly vulnerable backsides of solar arrays from wind blown debris and vandalism. This bolts to the back of the robotically welded one-piece power brackets and is structurally certified to meet150 MPHExposure “D” wind force requirements.

Finally, Solar Electric Power Company is a GSA contract holder for more than 10 years and all of the solar lighting systems meet the guidelines for ARRA approved projects. Contact us today for your next solar project. SEPCO will bring your project from concept to reality. 

We’d love to have your feedback, so please stay posted to see the upcoming articles. Also, please feel free to comment and provide feedback, not only on the blog articles, but website, industry, or anything related you feel is important. We’d love to hear from you.

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SEPCO is the worldwide leader in solar lighting and off grid solar power systems. We are helping the world go green by taking the lights off the grid.

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