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Need Power? Use a Remote Solar Power System

SEPCO 10/22/13 9:30 AM
Remote-Power-1While the rest of society is crowding the national energy grid and competing for increasingly costly resources, an enlightened few have taken it upon themselves to seek out a better alternative. But honestly, all they really had to do was look up! Remote solar power has a huge number of advantages over traditional sources of energy production, allowing cities, schools, and private companies to create their own source, in a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly manner.

Highly reliable, with a long operation life, low maintenance, a silent and clean operation process, and on-call demand, remote solar power creates a value that is immediately apparent. The benefits of such systems are profound and wide-ranging, offering both monetary and intrinsic rewards to those who implement the technology. With remote solar power having applicable uses in civil, industrial, and private infrastructure, it is now a viable option for all sectors of life. Large (and small) stakeholders can implement these systems for:

  • Electricity generation - lighting streets, parking lots, billboards, and parks, along with powering equipment, wireless sensors, fans, refrigerators, computers, security systems, and portable tools.
  • Standalone, autonomous energy - powering equipment in rural or remote areas without reliable grid access.
  • Revenue generation - producing electricity and selling the output. 

Additionally, as the price of solar power continues to fall and efficiency gradually rises, the obvious financial incentives are becoming more attractive. The strong economics of remote solar power are buoyed further by generous state and federal tax breaks, which are readily handed out to those resourceful enough to get on board.

But even with all the great monetary benefits, the peace of mind you receive when using such technology is part of what makes solar so unique. Not only are you reducing our energy reliance on fossil fuels, you are also freeing up space in the already overworked and inefficient energy grids of America by becoming an autonomous energy producer.

Fortunately, many forward thinking cities and organizations have already recognized the positive factors of such systems, along with acknowledging larger considerations, like the fact that solar power aids in economic development, the creation of high tech jobs, increased fuel diversity, national energy independence, and reduced market price volatility.

Remote solar power is an area of energy creation that is quickly gaining traction and will only become more important in society going forward. So get in on the ground floor and reap the countless benefits for years to come.