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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas

SEPCO’s blog about commercial solar LED lighting systems including info on design, economics, installation, and FAQs

Moraine Valley CC Solar Power Sign Light Design

Solar Power Sign Light Design: Step by Step

  One of our most popular articles is Street Light Design and I thought it was about time to offer a step by step to sign lighting design. This will give you the information on..

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Internal Sign Outdoor Solar Lighting Installation

Tips for A Successful Outdoor Solar Lighting Installation

With the recent trends to go green, there are more and more government and institution outdoor solar lighting installations being undertaken. How do you know if you've got..

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Star Spangled Banner Illuminated by Solar

The Star-Spangled Banner Illuminated by Solar LED Flag Lights

A little while back an article was published about one of our solar lighting systems being used to light The Star-Spangled Banner at Fort McHenry National Park. The flag is a..

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Carbon Footprint

6 Ways to Reduce Carbon Footprint for Businesses

  Do your bit for the environment and reduce your carbon footprint by following these six tips. You’ve likely heard the phrase ‘carbon footprint’ before, it’s a buzz word many..

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4 Ways Advanced PCBs Are Driving Green Efforts

  When we think about the technology at the forefront of sustainability and renewable energy efforts, we tend to think big. We imagine intelligent watering systems, solar lighting..

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Solar Can Benefit Your Organization

How Going Solar Can Benefit Your Organization

  Using solar electricity is a great way to power a home, a business or any other building that requires electricity. Solar energy is able to provide the same levels of energy..

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Solar Lighting and Power Systems

Why Should You Buy a Solar Lighting or Power System?

  There is no better way to become eco-friendly than to invest in either solar lighting or a solar power system, but the benefits for going solar are much deeper than any..

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Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Common Mistakes People Make With Solar Parking Lot Lighting

  Solar parking lot lighting systems provide a great alternative to standard grid powered lighting systems since they require no trenching for installation, use zero energy, have..

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Solar Powered Internal LED Sign Lighting Systems

Solar Powered Internal LED Sign Lighting Systems

  Signs often are installed in areas where the power grid is unavailable; however, with SEPCO solar lighting solutions, we can provide the power to the sign cabinet in almost any..

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Solar LED Lighting Systems Expectations vs Reality

Solar LED Lighting Systems: Expectations vs Reality

As the solar lighting industry has evolved over the last decade or two, there have been many advances and setbacks that have happened. There are many expectations of where the..

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Solar Power Array

5 Methods to Cut Energy Costs Effortlessly

  Business owners in the United States spend around $60 billion on energy annually. Finding ways to reduce monthly operating costs should be one of your main goals. While this may..

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Solar Panels and Sun

The future is now: Solar power is a booming industry in 2019

Solar power as a renewable energy source is a rapidly advancing field in terms of usage and cost-effectiveness. As technology advances, the cost to install and use it is going..

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