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Prevent Theft & Vandalism Using Stand Alone Security Cameras

SEPCO 4/25/13 9:30 AM
Prevent Theft & Vandalism Using Stand Alone Security Cameras

Many businesses, construction sites, storage yards, and even parks and recreation facilities, are plagued by theft and vandalism. Adequate lighting and the use of security cameras can decrease the occurrences of these issues and provide additional safety for workers and property. But what happens if you don't have grid power easily accessible? That's where solar power can come to the rescue.


If AC power is not readily available at the site, using stand-alone security cameras powered by off-grid solar power can be an effective solution. Off-grid solar power systems allow for the cameras and lighting to have the required power for operation without needing the grid power at the installation location. 


Using off-grid solar power also ensures that even in cases of blackouts or power tampering. Since the solar power is installed at the top of the pole, no matter what is going on with the grid, the camera will still function properly. Best of all, the solar is located high up out of harms way at the top of the pole and keeps all wiring out of the way.


Stand Alone Security Camera


Security cameras can easily be integrated with off-grid solar power once the power needs of the camera are determined. To accurately size up a system, all components that will be on the pole will need to be laid out to gather the load requirements. Many cameras operate using a PoE or other device. Understanding that everything on the pole will need to operate via 12 or 24 VDC is important since all AC equipment will need to be removed in a solar installation.


The solar charges a battery which in turn provides power to the security camera and all other equipment. One piece of equipment is a remote transmitter unit, which transfers data to a nearby computer or recording device providing video and audio detection. Other cameras can store all the data at the pole and only get checked when something occurs.


The battery assembly should be sized for over 5 full days of autonomous power to provide ultra-reliable year-round operation.  Moreover, since security cameras and transmitter units require relatively little power, the off-grid solar power system is typically quite small and relatively inexpensive. 


Stand Alone Security Camera Systems


Security cameras can also be readily integrated with off-grid solar power lighting systems that are designed/programmed to operate all night or via motion activation. These lights are designed to provide the required illumination at the site. The wattage of the light combined with the power requirements of the camera can make for a larger solar power system; however, the proper sizing will ensure the system's reliability. 


The combination of off-grid solar power lighting and security camera systems makes for an unbeatable theft and vandalism deterrent for areas without ready access to an AC power grid. And since all parts are placed high on a pole they are secure from vandalism themselves. The camera and light systems can also be moved from job to job when the construction is completed.


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