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Stand Alone Solar Power Systems Provide Energy Security

SEPCO 4/3/14 9:30 AM

You may not realize this, but we rely on grid power for just about everything. If the grid fails, we are left in the dark, in more ways than one. Stand alone solar power systems provide reliable power and energy security for applications that cannot have failures.

Stand Alone Solar Power for Homes


Putting your home on an off grid solar power system is not feasible in most cases; however, having an off grid backup system can make a huge difference in many instances. It would be like having a backup generator without relying on gas, only the sun. If the power fails due to a natural disaster or grid interference, important equipment can still operate off the backup power stored in batteries. The batteries will recharge during the day and be able to keep going for quite some time.



Stand Alone Solar Power for Security Cameras

Solar-Camera-3Cameras need to be active for security at all times. If the grid fails, or someone cuts the power to the area for malicious reasons, security cameras cannot operate as needed. Instead, using off grid solar power for the camera systems will ensure their operation during these times. The solar will charge the batteries during the day to make sure the camera has enough power at night. Specialized cameras are designed to operate specifically from solar power, but have all the features of standard electric security camera systems.




Stand Alone Solar Power for Lighting

VA-Temple-TX-5Lighting can provide security to many applications. Making sure the lights are on when they are needed is important to ensuring the security measures are all in place. Stand alone solar powered light systems provide lighting no matter what is going on. They are specifically helpful during times of natural disasters such as hurricanes and blackouts or brownouts. The lights will operate seamlessly without additional power from the grid providing safety and security to the installation area.



Utilizing stand alone solar systems for backup or high security applications can ensure that no matter what the grid power is doing, there will always be power to the applications that matter the most. Remember, all you have to rely on is the sun to come up tomorrow to provide you power.

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