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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas: Parking Lot Lighting

How to Choose the Best Commercial Parking Lot Solar Lighting

Given the rapid increase of employees commuting to work, it is becoming a norm for businesses to have larger parking lots. Therefore, safety should be one of the business’s top..

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Solar LED Lighting for Parks and Recreation

Best Solar LED Lighting Systems for Parks and Recreation

  There are many different areas that can be illuminated in any park; from entrance and directional signs, to parking lots and roadways, walking or biking trails, boat ramps,..

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Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Common Mistakes People Make With Solar Parking Lot Lighting

  Solar parking lot lighting systems provide a great alternative to standard grid powered lighting systems since they require no trenching for installation, use zero energy, have..

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Gardens of Woodberry Solar LED Light System

How to Deal with Light Trespass with Solar Lighting Projects

  When designing a lighting solution, light trespass needs to be considered, especially when located near a neighborhood. Light pollution is another factor that should be looked..

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Solar Lighting for Parking Lots

Shading Concerns for Solar Lighting for Parking Lots

  Solar energy is a great source that offers free energy year round. However, the power production of a solar panel can be greatly affected by shading. It is best for each..

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SolarViper System for Parking Lot in Lawrence MA

Family Health Center Parking Illuminated by SolarVipers

  SEPCO worked closely with Electrical Dynamics, Inc in Lawrence MA to provide lighting to a project where grid power wasn’t feasible. A small triangle parking lot for the Greater..

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Solar Parking Lot Lighting Design

Solar Parking Lot Lighting Design: Step by Step

We have gone over street lighting and sign lighting design, I thought it was time we went over parking lot lighting design. Here is your step by step guide.   Step 1 – Determine..

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Solar Lighting Systems for Parks and Playgrounds

Solar Lighting Systems for Parks and Playgrounds

  Parks and playgrounds are a great place to gather with friends and family. From just playing on playgrounds to running around on a field, to walking down trails and relaxing in..

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Hilo Hawaii Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Eco-Friendly Building with Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

  Looking to build a new place of business or take over an existing building that has no lighting available? Well there is something you can do that will keep costs low, provide a..

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Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

Cost Savings through Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

It is estimated that lighting alone accounts for 12% of the total U.S. electrical consumption every year, using upwards of 461 billion kWh of electricity. This is a heavy cost to..

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Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar Lighting Solutions are Bound to Make an Impact

  Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line while also providing a good image to their customers. Solar lighting solutions can positively impact a..

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Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions

Outdoor Solar Lighting Solutions to Exterior Illumination Needs

  We've become a very energy conscious society these days, going from fossil fuels and the old format of electricity to more renewable resources. One of the most popular areas to..

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