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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas: Security Lighting

safety provided by solar lighting systems

Safety Provided By Solar Lighting

There are many cases where additional lighting is required to add safety and security to a site. Sometimes these sites are very remote and do not have access to grid power. Solar..

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Solar Lighting Systems are the Best for Parks and Recreation

  Parks and Recreation Departments have been using solar lighting systems for many years now as they provide a solution to illuminate the required area without disturbing the..

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Solar Install

Solar Business Security: Pros and Cons to Know Before Buying

Solar power is becoming more and more widespread for both personal and commercial use. Businesses are increasingly turning to solar security lights and cameras instead of electric..

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NWS Charleston Solar LED Lighting Solutions for Playground

Solar LED Lighting Solutions for Rural Areas

  Rural areas have less infrastructure; therefore, making access to power and lighting more difficult and costly. Solar provides the power for many of these applications at a..

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Salerno Floodlights

Reasons Why LED Floodlights are Beneficiary for Your Business

  Often business owners become tensed thinking about which lighting structure they should use for security and big space lighting. LED floodlights can be a very good alternative..

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Solar Powered LED Flood Lights

How Solar Powered LED Flood Lights Correct Lighting Problems

  So you’ve come across some project, some area, where there is zero lighting and realize that you need to get light out there. But then you discover there is also no grid power..

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Jimmy Carter Small Solar Sign Lights

4 Spectacular Applications for Solar Spot Lights

Solar spot lights use smaller systems to provide lighting in areas where it is difficult to get power. There are many spectacular applications where solar spot lights can be used..

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Cogburn Bros Railroad Switchyard LED Solar Security Light

LED Solar Security Light for Railroad Switchyard

  SEPCO has been working with a rail company to provide lighting along the railroad switchyard. The LED solar security light systems are installed along the railroad switchyard to..

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Solar Powered Security Lights

The Dollars and Sense of Solar Powered Security Lights

The use of solar lighting technology can be a great advantage to businesses and other properties where lighting is required; however, power is difficult to acquire or unavailable...

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Solar Powered Area Lights

Why We Love Solar Powered Area Lights (And You Should, Too!)

  Solar powered area lights provide light for so many different applications. Some are for security that is on motion; some are marker lights along a pathway; some even are used..

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LED Solar Flood Lights for Security

6 Reasons to Use LED Solar Flood Lights for Security

LED solar flood lights have been gaining popularity due to the ability to provide lighting in even the most remote locations for safety and security. These solar flood lights can..

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Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Light for Large Area Lighting and Safety

It is costly to light large areas such as parking lots, parks, and other open spaces, yet the benefits of lighting such areas are obvious as it gives users safe access, the..

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