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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas: Solar Lighting (5)

Solar Street Light System

Anatomy of a Solar Street Light

  Solar street lights are becoming more popular as a green alternative is becoming the go to option for sustainability. Solar street lights provide a better value for cost,..

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Solar Outdoor Lighting Is Getting More Popular

5 Reasons Solar Lighting Is More Popular In The Last Decade

  Solar outdoor lighting systems have increased in popularity over the last decade for many reasons. Solar outdoor lighting solutions offer grid security and provide light in..

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Solar Install

Solar Business Security: Pros and Cons to Know Before Buying

Solar power is becoming more and more widespread for both personal and commercial use. Businesses are increasingly turning to solar security lights and cameras instead of electric..

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Solar Lighting for Parking Lots

Shading Concerns for Solar Lighting for Parking Lots

  Solar energy is a great source that offers free energy year round. However, the power production of a solar panel can be greatly affected by shading. It is best for each..

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SolarViper System for Parking Lot in Lawrence MA

Family Health Center Parking Illuminated by SolarVipers

  SEPCO worked closely with Electrical Dynamics, Inc in Lawrence MA to provide lighting to a project where grid power wasn’t feasible. A small triangle parking lot for the Greater..

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NWS Charleston Solar LED Lighting Solutions for Playground

Solar LED Lighting Solutions for Rural Areas

  Rural areas have less infrastructure; therefore, making access to power and lighting more difficult and costly. Solar provides the power for many of these applications at a..

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Lockport Solar Powered LED Flagpole Light

Lockport Powerhouse Solar Powered LED Flagpole Light

  In an area near the Lockport Powerhouse, a flag was being installed on this historic site, but bringing power to this specific location was difficult. Since flags are to be..

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Solar Lighting System Installation Remote Location

Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – Analyzing Costs

  This is the final installment in our Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts series. Finally we want to cover the cost difference between solar lighting and power systems compared..

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Solar Street Light Proposal

4 Factors That Could Affect a Solar Street Light Proposal

  There are many different factors to consider when putting together a solar street light proposal. Not many people know all the considerations required, but here is a list of a..

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Solar Light Installation

Simple Solar Lighting Facts – How Long Will A System Last

  Commercial solar lighting and solar power systems have a great life span if sized appropriately. Each component has a different life span, but as a system in whole, the solar..

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Solar Lighting Off Grid for Parking Lot Ohio

Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – Size for Worst Case

  Sizing up a solar lighting or power system can be a difficult task. There are two major ways for getting all the calculations correct for two completely different types of..

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Sunbelt for Solar Lighting and Power Systems

Simple Solar Lighting and Power Facts – Solar Outside the Sunbelt

  Solar power assemblies are installed all over the world for lighting and power configurations. Solar sized properly can be installed in almost any location. Solar installations..

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