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Green Jobs (Infographic) from JobVine

Posted by SEPCO on 1/31/12 9:30 AM

Green jobs are on the rise. Here is an infographic that was released yesterday by JobVine that shows the latest trends in green job growth and the opportunites for green jobs in the future.

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Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by SEPCO on 1/26/12 9:30 AM

I have been following a post on Wiki Answers for a while on the advantages and disadvantages to solar power and wanted to share the results. The discussion started a while ago and has had a lot of feedback. Here are the results.

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Safety Provided By Solar Lighting

Posted by SEPCO on 1/24/12 9:30 AM

A large industrial facility had a serious problem on their hands. In short, an employee was hit by a car one night after walking down a set of stairs and across a poorly lit crosswalk. Immediately following the accident, the facility managers knew they had to install a light to illuminate the stairs and crosswalk ASAP!

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Solar Powered Battery Chargers

Posted by SEPCO on 1/19/12 9:30 AM

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Financials Behind Renewable Energy

Posted by SEPCO on 1/17/12 9:30 AM

Renewable energy presents numerous exciting financial benefits to consumers, in addition to the obvious environmental merits. As fossil based energy reserves – natural gas, coal and petroleum – continue to dwindle, there is an increasingly growing drive to seek alternative sources that are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

From federal tax credits and bonus depreciation schemes to state incentives for efficient energy use, consumers stand to gain from adopting renewable energy alternatives. Additionally, a number of utilities offer rebates of up to $4000 for wind and solar installations. The most widely used forms of renewable energy in homes are wind and solar electric systems. Homeowners can either choose to power parts of their homes or meet their entire home power needs using a renewable source. Here’s how you can benefit from your renewable energy system:

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Solar Cell Street Light to Light Dark Streets

Posted by SEPCO on 1/12/12 9:30 AM

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Solar Flag Light to Honor Veterans

Posted by SEPCO on 1/10/12 9:30 AM

SEPCO recently helped Grayson Schoenbine, a Wooster, Ohio Scout working towards his Eagle rank; show off his eco-friendly side by the solar lighting of an American flag. The 30’ tall flag was to honor Veterans at the St. Mary Cemetery.

This Scout has truly endeavored to persevere in raising funds for this project, and we at SEPCO and as Americans should take up the torch that this young man has brought forward and honor all Veterans that have died in order to keep this country free.

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Renewable Energy Across the Pond

Posted by SEPCO on 1/5/12 9:30 AM

Happy New Year! Yeah, I know I’m a little late, but there is good reason for that. I took a trip overseas to Germany for the holidays and just got back. I figured I’d share all the different renewable energies I saw during my travels.

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Protecting the Homeland with Solar

Posted by SEPCO on 1/3/12 9:30 AM

Solar energy has made its mark on this world in terms of protecting our homeland.  It is a market that would be different if solar was not a viable option to carry out the tasks and duties necessary keep our homeland safe.  Solar energy is used on many military bases for various purposes.  One main purpose is to have a secondary security source to the electrical grid.  The electrical utility grid only offers one source of electricity for the bases to function, if that fails, the security of the facility is at risk.  Solar and other renewable sources are being used as primary and secondary sources to increase our grid security. 

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