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See How a Scout Used a Solar Flag Light to Honor Veterans

SEPCO 1/10/12 9:30 AM
See How a Scout Used a Solar Flag Light to Honor Veterans

SEPCO recently helped Grayson Schoenbine, a Wooster, Ohio Scout working towards his Eagle rank; show off his eco-friendly side by lighting an American flag at St. Mary Cemetery using a solar flag light. The 30’ tall flag was installed at the entrance to the cemetery and is to honor veterans who have passed from numerous conflicts and are buried there.


This Scout has truly endeavored to persevere in raising funds for this project, and we at SEPCO and as Americans should take up the torch that this young man has brought forward and honored all Veterans that have died in order to keep this country free.


Solar flag lighting is a great way to show off a green initiative and honor the country. If the flag is lowered at a certain time at night, the solar lights can be set to run till that time. The lights can also provide enough power to light the flag all night, per the flag code. And by utilizing high-powered and energy-efficient LED lights, the flag will have great coverage and use less power than traditional floodlights.


The solar flag light systems can also provide enough power for multiple flags on nearby poles or landscape accents that need to be lit. The solar power system can also be remotely mounted or be included in the surrounding landscape. So next time you find that there is a flag that needs lighting, and there is no available power to run the fixtures, think of solar lighting as the best option.

Check out the news article published in The Daily Record


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