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4 Spectacular Applications for Solar Spot Lights

SEPCO 11/29/16 10:00 AM
4 Spectacular Applications for Solar Spot Lights

Solar spot lights use smaller systems to provide lighting in areas where it is difficult to get power. There are many spectacular applications where solar spot lights can be used to provide great lighting. From flags, small signs, security area, and landscape lighting, solar spot lights can be a great way to showcase your application without the cost of trenching in power and using the reliable green source of solar.

Solar Flag Lights

Lockport IL Solar Flag Lights

There are quite a few variations of solar flag lighting systems. Some use spot lights at the top of the pole to shine down on the flag, some use ground mounted spot lights shining up, and some have the spot light mounted on the pole just below the flag. Small spot lights provide the best lighting for the lowest cost for flags since the further away the flag is from the light fixture, the larger the light pattern and more coverage the light will provide. Keeping the spot lights a minimum of 10’ away from the flag will ensure proper coverage. The flag light can have the solar mounted on the flag pole or separately depending on the size of the solar and the rigidity of the flag pole.


Small Solar Sign Lights

Jimmy Carter Small Solar Sign Lights


Signs require lighting and can easily utilize small solar spot lights for their illumination. Small spot lights can easily accommodate signs up to 7 feet square, whereas larger signs will require larger flood lights. Small spot lights provide great illumination while using very little power. The smaller systems make for a lower cost installation and have a much smaller footprint than the larger systems required for larger signs. Best of all, these systems can easily accommodate more than one fixture for double sided signs or long short signs. Solar sign lighting systems can be installed with the power assembly up to 100’ away from the sign itself to ensure proper placement in the sun.


Wall Mount Solar Security Lights

Lucky Peak Dam Wall Mount Solar Security Lights


Wall mounted security lights can easily be powered by solar. These systems are typically used for remote buildings such as park restrooms or pavilions where grid power is not readily accessible. Canopy fixtures can be used within the building with small spot lights around the perimeter or over the opening and can be on at all times or motion activated for security purposes while also cutting down on the required power needed by the solar power assembly. Another great use would be at the back of a piece of property where lighting is lacking and power doesn’t currently exist.


Solar Landscape Lights

Solar Landscape Lights Day and Night


Small solar landscape lights can easily be integrated with solar power systems. These lights are typically low volt DC power initially and are very low wattage. Multiple lights can easily be placed on a single solar power assembly, which allows for installation in all areas of the application, even under trees, while allowing the solar to be placed in a nice sunny spot. The solar landscape lights can even be integrated into a solar sign lighting system to illuminate surrounding areas. The lights can shine up at trees, light up decorative bushes, even sculptures that are nearby. The versatility with these solar lights is endless.


What other applications do you think solar spot lights would work well with? Let us know below.


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