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How Solar Powered LED Flood Lights Correct Lighting Problems

SEPCO 12/6/16 10:10 AM
Solar Powered LED Flood Lights

Solar Powered LED Flood Lights for Port Salerno FL


So you’ve come across some project, some area, where there is zero lighting and realize that you need to get light out there. But then you discover there is also no grid power available. What do you do? Solar powered LED flood lights may be the solution you are looking for.


Solar powered LED flood lights provide light in the area required without all the extra costs of trenching, electric bills, and maintenance. Since these lights are grid free, they can be installed in just about any location as long as there is access to the sun. And if the light needs to be placed under a tree or other obstacle, the solar can be remotely mounted, up to 100’ away, to ensure plenty of access to the sun.


Solar flood lights are used for a variety of applications. From general area lighting to boat ramps, signs and billboards, along pathways and perimeters, and for general security purposes, these versatile systems can be designed to meet just about every project scope. They can easily tie in to any project where direct down lighting won’t work and the light needs to be pushed out a ways.


With the implementation of LEDs in the flood fixtures, maintenance of the fixture has become obsolete. Most LED fixtures have a rating of 100k hours or longer today, lasting over 20 years. This means lower costs since the LEDs are more efficient and provide better lighting, and you won’t have to go out to change a lamp or ballast every couple of years.


 Solar Powered LED Flood Light for City of Crowley Sign


The solar power assembly is built to last over 25 years. The only maintenance is a battery change every five to seven years, but don’t worry about having to climb up 20’ in the air. New designs have allowed for remotely mounting the battery assembly much lower to allow for easier maintenance where requested. Best of all, the battery assemblies can have a lock installed on the box to help keep it safe and secure.


The systems can easily save you money in the short and long run depending on how much it would cost to trench the grid power to the location. A single system will sometimes come in way under the installation costs of grid power alone, then add in the cost savings from having no monthly electric bill for the lights, and you definitely have a win-win situation.


Talk to your lighting specialist to see if solar powered LED floods lights are right for your project. Working with them to design a system specific to your needs will ensure that you get a system that will meet all your requirements and provide the most cost effective solution for your project.


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