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Subdivision Mailbox Solar Lighting to Show Green Initiative

Posted by SEPCO on 12/6/11 9:30 AM

Subdivision Mailbox Solar LightingMany subdivisions provide mailbox clusters for thier condo owners. These mailbox clusters, usually under a roof structure, require lighting for the security of the residences. Power is not always available where these mailbox clusters are located and the cost of trenching and running electric to the area can be a costly expense. Solar power is the perfect option.

DR Horton uses our solar lighting systems for their subdivision mailbox clusters in many developments. These subdivision mailbox areas have the solar lighting mounted below the canopy structure with the solar panel mounted to the top of the roof.

The solar lights for the mailboxes can either run dusk to dawn, dusk for a certain number of hours, or have an occupancy sensor set up so that the lights only need to come on when someone is near the mailbox cluster. The time needed to run the light determines the size system needed for the project.

Subdivision Mailbox Solar Powered LightingSubdivision mailbox solar lighting not only shows the development's green initiative, but also provides cost savings by not having to pay for electric at the site while benefiting from renewable energy and tax savings from installing solar power for lighting.

Solar lighting for subdivision mailboxes does not always need to be installed during development. The solar lighting system does not need any additional wiring or trenching and can be installed many years after the main structure has been put in place. Instead all that is needed is the fixture, solar power system, and mounting hardware to be installed directly on the structure and let the sun do the rest of the work.

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