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Solar Building Structure Lighting

Solar building structure lights are an efficient means to provide lighting and power with no utility lines. They provide cost savings by eliminating the need to trench wires and the recurring cost of power bills after installation. Solar building structure lights have been installed on remote buildings, restrooms, mailbox clusters, etc. and provide security, sustainability and an overall green image.

Solar Power for Building Structure Lighting

Every solar building structure light comes with a self-contained solar power assembly that is sized to run the fixture(s) per the needs of the customer. Each power assembly is sized by the lamp power consumption times the number of hours of operation and how much sun is provided in each geographic area to provide adequate autonomy. The power assembly is mounted on the roof structure or at the top of a pole nearby See our Solar Power Systems section for additional information and specifications.
Features Include:
  • Self-contained solar power assembly comprised of single crystal solar modules bonded into a single array
  • Full cover vented aluminum panel pan
  • Welded rear channel mounting bracket
  • Aluminum Vented battery storage console with sealed GEL batteries
  • All control electronics
  • Welded aluminum power bracket to bolt to any pole or wall


Solar Building Structure Light Fixtures

Various style fixtures are available from wall mount to canopy style fixtures. They can provide the needed lighting levels and distribution patterns to provide the perfect lighting solution. See our Solar Light Fixture section for all fixture choices and specifications.


Features Include:

  • Lamping options such as LED, CFL, LPS, HPS and Metal Halide
  • Manufacturer supplied photometries
  • Dark sky compliant fixtures available
  • Diverse line of fixtures provided by our partnerships


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