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3 Ways to Market Your Business as Green

Posted by SEPCO on 3/5/13 9:36 AM

Solar CanopyHow is your business different from those of competitors?  Does your brand dedicate itself to excellent customer service, a money-back guarantee, or dedication to the community?  Growing numbers of business owners are making respective businesses distinct, placing more emphasis on ‘going green.’ 

Telecommuting, using energy-efficient light bulbs, and participating in local recycling programs are some implementations exercised by owners with green intentions.  However, those endeavors take place inside the places of business.  But what about the parking lots outside?  Going green is an internal and external business endeavor in modern times.

Just how are outdoor green feats achieved?  The Wall Street Journal instructs, “From Long Island to the Arizona desert, developers are covering their lots with canopies of solar panels.” (1)  Solar panels are not a new discovery; the insight of turning light to power was first turned on the world in 1838. (2)  However, today’s technology allows for solar-paneled canopies, new to eyes and green enthusiasts.  How do those partaking in green efforts market and spread word?

Press Releases Championing a Bigger Cause

‘Men in suits’ are not the only associations to green motions and energy-saving parking lots.  The Washington Redskins covered 841 parking spaces with solar-paneled canopies, the system generating 20% of FedExField’s power needs (during game days and all electricity during off days). (1)

Make it a topic of news, as the football team did; businesses use press releases to inform the public about participation in bigger causes, such as energy conservation, raising awareness about the larger cause but also functioning as a marketing tool, aligning the business with the celebrated, green endeavor.

Solar Parking LotPitch Reporters with Green-Related Stories

The notion of suiting outdoor areas with solar panels is made possible by new-age technology; erected canopies, soaking up rays of light, turn them into usable sources of power.  This isn’t the latest film adaptation of the future.  It’s the parking lot scene taking place right now at local businesses.  It’s an interesting story; green companies pitch such stories to reporters (especially ones who have previously written on the topic).

For example, commercial rent is high for many, yet owners can make use of underutilized land, leveraging solar panels to reduce utility bills.  That’s a story people would read; the scientific element is interesting; and better, it saves people money.  Are you ensuring news reporters and publications know about your efforts?

Create In-House Conversations About Green Perks

Employees like benefits, whether it’s more money, a bigger office, or option of working some days from home.  It makes workers feel appreciated, also providing tangible value.  Solar-powered canopies are beneficial for employees too, employees who enact word-of-mouth and social-media sentiments each day.  What are they (potentially) saying about their places of work?

A number of owners enjoy the reputation of operating a ‘green’ business, fueled by the word-of-mouth and social media marketing of their own employees.  Why are panels good for workers and a topic of discussion?  Canopies block the sun, ridding car seat surfaces and chambers of excessive heat.  During times of inclement weather, the canopies provide protection from hail, snow, and rain, something car owners doubling as employees can appreciate.  Moreover, solar panels save businesses money, funds that can contribute to employee bonuses.  Are you creating in-house conversations, facilitating online and outdoor social marketing?

Author: Natasha Risinger is a personal finance consultant. Her articles focus on green energy and sustainability they appear on green and sustainability blogs. Visit Texas Electricity Providers for more details.


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