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Solar Lighting Solutions from Big to Small

Posted by SEPCO on 8/15/13 9:30 AM

When it comes to the solar lighting industry, there are many different types to consider. There are large industrial lights that light up a huge area down to the smallest single LED light for around a home’s walkway or for accent lighting. Knowing exactly what your expectations are for the amount of light will help you best choose your perfect solar lighting solution.

USVI 1Large Solar Lighting Solutions

Large industrial lights can be used for parking lots, security on perimeters, along streets and roadways and even on some of the largest billboards. These lights use high powered fixtures and require a larger amount of solar power. Highly efficient and off grid allow these types of lights to be the best solution to an area where grid power doesn’t already exist and is costly to bring in.

Medium Solar Lighting Solutions

In the middle you have solar lights that produce light perfect for signs, decorative pathway, commercial landscape, flags, bus stops and building structures. These lights are typically use lower wattage fixtures as the amount of area being lit is much less. Their solar is also smaller in size to produce the needed power for the application. These systems are perfect for almost any type of application as they can be located anywhere without disturbing the surrounding area by needed trenching of wires.

Small Solar Lighting SolutionsSmall Solar Lighting Solutions

The smallest lights are typically found in a home improvement store. These lights range from a single LED to about 5 Watts of light. Their solar panels are very small, will only operate the light for a couple hours a night and they do not provide much reliability. However, these are perfect for the typical home landscape lighting needs. Since atmosphere and boundary markings are typically all that is used at a residential location, these are the perfect type of solar lights as they are inexpensive and allow for installation anywhere around the yard.

Next time you are looking for the perfect solar lighting solution, make sure to know what your expectations are and the needs of the project. Talk to your local solar lighting solutions expert and they can walk you through finding the perfect match to your needs.

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