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10 Forgotten Ways To Go Green and be Environmentally Friendly

Posted by SEPCO on 8/4/11 10:30 AM

MC900437329 resized 6001. Recycle your cell phone – components can be reused even if the phone does not work anymore.

2. Put chargers on a power strip, that way when everything is done charging the power strip can be turned off till the next time the chargers are needed. You can even plug them into an outlet that has a switch.

3. Grill more in the summer and bake more in the winter. It will lower heating and cooling costs by not creating extra heat in the summers and adding heat from the oven in the winter.

4. Reuse everything possible. Look at things that get thrown out think about how it can be reused. Be creative.

5. If it can’t be reused, can it be recycled? Composted? What other eco-friendly way can it be disposed of?

6. Buy efficient everything. In the market for a new appliance? Redoing a bathroom? Check to see if there are efficient options available. Everything from computers to major household appliances now has a green alternative.

7. Use non-toxic when available. Paints, cleaners, and other household items have non-toxic alternatives that work as well if not better than the toxic varieties.

8. Buy recycled items. Not just packaging and office products, but recycled jewelry, containers, clothes, building materials, etc. There are thousands of products for just about every use that is made from recycled materials. Some are even very creative and even pieces of art.

9. Save trees and use a computer for almost everything. Need to find a local business or directions? Skip the phone book and use online services. Need to send invitations, send an evite. Read the newspaper online instead of having the paper edition delivered.

10. Buy produce from a green market or local farmers market. Even better, gather a few family members or friends and go to the local “you pick it” and get a great discount while buying local. It’s also a great way to bond and get everyone outdoors.

What other ways can we all go green? Tell us what we forgot and we will do a follow up with your ideas.

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