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Solar Lighting to Improve Life in Africa

Posted by SEPCO on 8/11/11 9:30 AM

Africa Picture 3 x 5Stand-alone solar is an important power option in Africa.  In many African countries, the electrical grid is unreliable, and in the rural areas, often completely absent.  There is a collaborative effort called Lighting Africa, to encourage solar lighting options in Africa.  SEPCO was proud to have been one of the 52 finalists in the Lighting Africa Development Marketplace competition held in Accra, Ghana, May 6-8, 2008. The competition is still held yearly.

Solar lighting and solar power systems are especially needed in developing countries as the funds to provide reliable power often do not exist. Instead, purchasing quality solar systems for solar street lighting, solar security lighting, and solar home power allows a one-time cost and builds sustainability.

Check out the LADM Brochure for more information about SEPCO's and the other 51 finalists' proposals.  Visit the Lighting Africa website to keep in touch with their efforts to provide sustainable lighting solutions and improve the daily lives of those in developing countries in Africa

About the Author: Sylvi works with SEPCO to provide sustainable solutions in Africa. To contact Sylvi, please email or use our contact form and we will make sure it is recieved.

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