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We Need More Solar Canopies in Parking Lots in the South

Posted by SEPCO on 4/17/14 9:30 AM

Solar_Canopies_in_Parking_LotsSEPCO is located in south Florida and it is hot almost year round here. One thing that I have noticed is gaining popularity is solar canopies to provide power to businesses. The other thing I have noticed is that there are not that many installations of solar canopies, at least not here in south Florida. As an advocate of solar and shade for our hot days, I would think that more businesses would install these types of systems. Think of all the benefits that a solar canopy in a parking lot could provide.

Solar Power to the Business

Solar power is free energy to the business. This can lower the overall grid power usage; therefore, lower electric bill. With Federal tax incentives, solar is a win-win for companies. The systems can also be customized to fit the architectural design of the company so that it blends well with the existing building. A lot of companies are starting to do this. Even Zoo's such as San Diego and Cincinnati are starting to take advantage of solar installed in parking lots for comfort of vititors while providing the electricity needed to run the zoo.

Shade for the Customers

With the hot sun beating down all day, shaded parking is a great way to keep your vehicle cooler. Shaded parking is sought after in the south as a car can heat up to over 110 degrees very quickly. This is harmful to the interior of the car and almost anything left inside. Even leaving the windows cracked does not help cool the car as much as shaded parking. (Please remember to never leave children or animals inside a parked car for any length of time no matter what!)

Power for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular and many solar canopies can be integrated with a charger for these vehicles. While the person is inside the building, their car can charge by sunlight. What a great way to increase the benefit for stopping at that particular establishment.

Solar canopies allow businesses to take advantage of all that space in their parking lots to provide energy, an additional comfort to customers and power for electric vehicles that are gaining popularity. Why not install solar canopies, especially in the south, to take advantage of all the good that the sun can provide.

Img Credit: ASES

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