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Solar Parking Lot Lighting Projects

Below are some of our solar parking lot lighting projects. These projects feature different style fixtures for illuminating parking lots and surrounding areas. Our systems are sized for a minimum of five days autonomy and require no connection to the electric grid; however, grid backup systems are also available. As demonstrated in thousands of existing projects around the world, our proven solar parking lot light systems feature rugged commercial-grade construction combined with unsurpassed quality, performance, reliability and the value of 25+ year system life expectancy - all backed by the best warranty in the business. 


Custom Solar Parking Lot Lights

Anaheim Hills Golf Course



Anaheim Hills Golf Course was looking for a custom solar parking lot lighting solution to fit in to the architectural appearance of the site. SEPCO's custom solar lighting solution was able to use their fixtures powered by our solar. 

Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

Kona Airport



The Kona Airport uses our solar parking lot lighting systems for their long term parking lot areas to add security for people traveling that leave their vehicle. These lights are also dark sky complaint and wildlife / turtle friendly.

Solar Lighting for Parking Lot

Jack McLean Park



Solar light for parking lot at Jack McLean Park to provide parking lot lighting where there was no grid power available without trenching. The lights provide security to visitors.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting

US Military Facility



Solar outdoor parking lot lighting for US Military Facility is used to meet energy reduction goals while providing secure lighting. The lights are all metal halide per the specifications of the project.

Solar Powered Parking Lot Lights

ABC Domes



Solar powered outdoor parking lot lights for ABC Domes are used at their business continuity domes in the surrounding areas to improve sustainability and security of the domes.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting

VA Temple, TX



The VA Hospital in Temple, TX uses our solar parking lot lighting systems around the hospital for employees working and patients visiting the facility.

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