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Green Energy Jobs - The New Revolution in Energy Jobs

Posted by SEPCO | 11/21/12 9:25 AM

LightBulbSunRiseYears ago, no one thought in terms of ecological home and building designs. Today it's the norm, as the world turns toward sustainable energy. As this revolution expands, it will prove to be the catalyst for new jobs, in an industry sector that will have a wide range of different opportunities. The building designs of today, will give way to future designs that will include:

  • energy efficient ratings
  • construction materials, that reduce carbon footprints
  • micro-renewable, and
  • recyclability

These are a just a few of the changes that will be part of the building designs of tomorrow. Before buying a home, people will ask for energy audits, and use these as a part of their decision making process. Business startups now include those that will help homeowners to reduce energy, and make homes more saleable, by increasing its energy efficiency. It will also include large industrial buildings that need to save money by employing energy saving techniques and green resources.

Green energy will lead to a host of new job classifications across the world. These jobs are available today for those qualified, and will expand rapidly in the future as new technologies come online. The pace of technology is picking up almost on a monthly basis, and future job seekers will need to stay educated on all the new techniques that industries will employ. Companies will be looking for workers that are certified by national organizations, and for workers that maintain their qualifications by upgrading their knowledge base, as technology innovation expands.  

Energy renewable resources and energy efficiency will dominate the next decade as companies expand into areas of:

  • solar
  • wind
  • geothermal technology
  • oceans
  • hydropower
  • gas from landfill sites
  • municipal solid waste

Energy efficiency areas that will produce new jobs include:

  • maintaining appliances with energy star ratings
  • lighting in homes and offices that are energy efficient
  • thermostats that are programmable
  • combing power and heat for cogeneration
  • manufacturing equipment that is energy efficient, and
  • buildings that are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

People who are educated in these disciplines will be able to find employment in a number of areas. Currently state and the federal governments are offering grants and scholarships to people wishing to study in these areas. Most studies can be done through online education sites that are part of recognized institutions, and can be schedules around times that are suitable to those studying.

New job opportunities are opening up today and more are expected in the future. Currently universities are already training people to fill these openings, and the more education people have in this area, the more choices will be available to them. Online websites are being developed to help companies fill their current searches for green energy employees.

Now is the perfect time for people who want to change careers, soldiers returning home, and those facing long-term unemployment, to start studying to fill these positions. Green energy jobs will continue to evolve in different areas over the next ten to twenty years, and education especially in the field of Solar Training & Certification, will be the main qualification and driver of who is chosen to fill a position.

The "Green Revolution" is expected to provide millions of jobs worldwide and those educated in these areas will have the security of long-term job security.

Everblue’s mission of "TRAINING EARTH’S SUSTAINABLE WORKFORCE", addresses the environmental and climate challenges facing the global community, through exceptional hands-on training and education. We specialize in providing intense green jobs training for government employees, architects, engineers, property managers, facility managers, and general contractors.

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Written by SEPCO

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