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A Year In Review 2018 Top Blog and News

SEPCO 12/26/18 10:00 AM
2018 SEPCO Solar Lighting Year In Review

2018 SEPCO Solar Lighting Year In Review


This year has been slow on posts, but not slow on information. Blog posts from over the years are still relevant and drawing attention. As we do this time of the year, here are the last years’ best blog posts as well as the best from our 2018 publishing schedule.


Top Posts of All Time

The Advantages of LED Lights for the Environment

This post goes over the advantages that LEDs have had as far as energy efficiency, reduction of toxic elements used in production, less light for better visibility and longer lifespan. LEDs have also changed as far as reduction of blue light and increased the availability of dark sky compliant lighting. Old style light sources are quickly being switched out for LEDs for many of these reasons.


Wattage vs Lumens: Know the Difference for Better Lighting

We have always thought in lighting in the terms of wattages; however, since the inception of LED lights, Lumens is now the unit of measurement being used in lighting design. A 50-Watt LED light from one manufacturer may only have 90 Lumens per Watt, where another manufacturer may have 130 Lumens per Watt. That means the same Wattage is providing two different light outputs – one much brighter than the other.


13 Great Reasons to Use Solar Power and Solar Lighting

This post is a quick list of the benefits to solar lighting and solar power systems. From cost savings to easy installation, and many other reasons, solar power and lighting systems can provide many benefits to the environment and to the pocket at the same time.


How to Create a Better Solar Street Light Specification

Solar street lighting specifications need to be very specific in their callouts to make sure the end user is getting exactly what they are needing. Generalized specifications leave a lot of loopholes and open-ended items that allow for interpretation which is where issues down the line can come into play. This post goes over the different aspects that should be called out on a bid spec to ensure the right system is designed and bid for the project.


What is Solar Lighting?

There are many variations when it comes to solar lighting. The term itself is too broad. Solar lighting can encompass everything from skylights to photovoltaic lights, which too can vary from small residential pathway lights to large overhead commercial lights used for roadways and parking lots. Understanding the difference between types of solar lights allows for better selection when you are looking online for a solution.


Top Posts of 2018


How will solar energy be used 20 years from now?

A great guest post going over how changes in the solar industry will not only change how solar shapes our environment, but how solar will evolve over time to blend more into our surrounding landscape.


How to Choose a Solar Street Light Manufacturer

Originally published in 2013 and redone / refreshed in 2018, this goes over what makes different solar lighting companies stand apart from others. Knowing what sets companies apart will help you find a reliable solar light system manufacturer that will provide a quality product.


Performance and Maintenance of Solar Panels in Cold Climates

Information about how solar panels perform in colder climates, even in areas where the sun is much less in the winter months, and how to maintain them so they provide peak performance even in these conditions. One of the biggest fallacies is the fact that solar panels don’t perform well in the cold; however, there performance can be increased. Definitely a post to read if you live in the north.


Give Me 10 Minutes, I’ll Give You 3 Truths About Solar Lighting

A quick overview of some of the truths behind solar lighting systems including justifying the costs, understanding when solar is the ideal option, and understanding when it isn’t the best option to pursue. Another one posted years ago, but refreshed for 2018.


Benefits of Choosing Solar Lighting

Jus a quick overview of all the benefits solar lighting provides including a maintenance free, low cost installation option. This green alternative is becoming more popular year by year as a way to either provide a green alternative in the planning stage or areas where grid power is inaccessible.


Thanks for staying with us through 2018 – Happy New Year and see you in 2019 with some fresh new content about the solar lighting and renewable energy industries!


Happy New Year from the SEPCO Team!