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Remote Security & Work Lighting

SEPCO 6/12/12 7:30 AM
Union Gas Solar Security Light


A large commercial gas company cited the following lighting needs for a remote pump and monitoring station: dusk to dawn security lighting in addition to high intensity work lighting on a bi-monthly basis.  Due to the remote nature of the site, the cost to extend the electrical grid for AC powered lights was cost prohibitive. On the other hand, with off-grid solar lighting systems all costs and issues associated with AC power grid are completely eliminated because the lights do not rely on the AC power grid at all, but rather off-grid through the power of clean, renewable solar energy. What a perfect combination of remote security and solar power.

The lights purchased provide added security to the area and secure the remote pump and monitoring station, as well to the workers that come out bi-monthly. By using solar powered light fixtures, each equipped with a high performance LED light engine with dual light settings provide effective, ultra reliable security lighting. These systems operate dusk to dawn year round in addition to a high intensity work light on a bi-monthly basis with a simple flip of a switch. All things considered, this project is an ideal application of off grid solar power lighting systems!


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