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Top Big Box Companies Using Solar Power

Posted by SEPCO | 8/9/12 9:30 AM

In the news lately we have been hearing about big box stores going green by installing solar power on their stores. Which retailers are expanding their renewable energy strategies in an effort to make the world a little greener?


Wal-Mart just announced a large solar power installation on their 100th store in California. They are working in conjunction with SolarCity on the project and plan to build more stores with large solar power installations in the coming years.  Wal-Mart also employs other forms of renewable energy like natural lighting that automatically switches to commercial lights when there is a lack of natural light





IKEA has installed solar power on a vast number of its stores.  Fact is that IKEA has always promoted sustainability by offering flat packed products that employ minimal amounts of packaging. Now, with the addition of solar power, perfectly designed to take advantage of the store’s huge rooftops, IKEA is fast becoming one of the greenest big box retailers on the planet! 



Kohl's is new to the solar energy game but they are quickly gaining traction. Their plan is to increase the solar power installed on their stores by 25% by the end of the 2012. Kohl’s also purchases renewable energy credits and has installed two wind farms to help offset their energy consumption.

What about the rest of the big box stores? While there are not any other large retailers employing solar to help power stores, there are a considerable number of big box retailers on the EPA's partner list that are active in helping support the development of renewable energy. This list includes companies like Best Buy, Lowes, Staples, Whole Foods, etc.

Beyond big box retail stores, many large consumer package goods companies are stepping up their renewable energy efforts.  Campbell Soups recently installed solar power on the rooftop of their Ohio plant while Coca-Cola has installed solar on their manufacturing plant in California.

With more and more large companies recognizing their responsibility to help the world become a greener place, I think the solar power will continue to grow among small and large companies alike worldwide. What other companies are stepping up their renewable energy efforts?

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Written by SEPCO

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