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AHGC Solar Parking Lot Lighting: Blast from the Past

SEPCO 10/9/12 7:30 AM
Anaheim Hills Golf Club Solar Light

Anaheim Hills Golf Club Solar Light


In 1999, SEPCO provided 12 custom solar parking lot lighting systems to Anaheim Hills Golf Club in California. These systems were purchased through a bid by the City of Anaheim Hills to provide sustainable lighting that would save money and improve security. Each light had to meet the illumination requirement while also fitting in to the architectural and aesthetic requirement of the project. These custom light solutions provided exactly what they needed while hiding the solar aspect well.


The systems also allowed the golf club to install lighting in their current parking lot without having to tear up the ground / concrete, providing a huge cost savings. In 2004 they purchased 21 additional systems to provide lighting to additional areas. Again, SEPCO was able to match the visual requirements and provide the same decorative systems as previously installed. 


Solar Parking Lot Lighting Install


This project has worked without fail for over 13 years and provides the needed security to the players of the golf club. Each system contains two 100 Watt solar panel assemblies flat mounted on the pole with two pendant coach style fixtures. These coach fixtures started with CFL lamps; however, they have been able to slowly transition over to LED lamps, which provide more illumination at a lower wattage.


Each fixture is powered by a single panel assembly, battery, and controller, making each fixture independent from the other on the same pole. The fixtures were sent from Anaheim Hills Golf Course for SEPCO to modify to work with DC power. Other than standard maintenance of changing the battery, lamp, and ballast, these systems have operated reliably for the city. These systems had also proven an ROI in the first year!


Parking Lot Lighting CTA

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