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Parking Lot Lights Are Now Architecturally Pleasing

SEPCO 2/21/13 9:39 AM
Parking Lot Lights Solar Powered

Parking lot lights have changed a good amount in the past little while, becoming more architecturally pleasing while still providing proper illumination. With the increase in technology that allows lights to be powered by solar energy, the old shoebox style light fixtures are becoming less common, making way for architecturally sound and flattering design.

Parking Lot Lighting Design

Lighting LayoutLights in any given parking lot not only provide illumination during the night, but they also provide security. Engineers attend school or training for many years in order to learn how to design effective and still pleasing parking lot lights, and have to keep in mind the following five elements in their design:

  • Intensity of light

  • Energy consumption

  • Consistency of light

  • Life of the light

  • Color

Lights should be bright - but not glaring to the eye - and evenly spaced throughout the parking lot, and ideally should consume as little energy as possible while still possessing a long life span. The International Parking Institute (IPI) even recognizes outstanding design with their Awards of Excellence Competition.

Parking Lot Light Fixtures

Light fixtures in parking lots all typically follow the same design: tall poles with round or square lights at the top. This allows them to illuminate a large area at once. As technology has become more streamlined, however, lights are beginning to become more interesting to look at than just squares and circles, and can add to the general visual appeal of the building as well. Combining them with other complementary decorative elements, such as nearby greenery or fountains in a park, can make the entire property look more elegant and stylish.


Architecturally pleasing parking lots lights are important to many businesses, especially retail outlets, and to places like colleges and public buildings, especially at night. A customer who is put off by the design of the lights might not even enter the store, or might unconsciously form a negative opinion about the buildings adjacent to the parking lot. Lights should compliment the architecture of the building or buildings they are in front of, and can accomplish this by being decorative, having interesting designs, and by displaying attractive colors.

Solar Power

Parking Lot Lights

Solar-powered parking lot lights have the added benefit of decreasing a business's carbon footprint and marking them as a 'green' company. As they come with their own self-sustained power assembly, they eliminate the need for intrusive wires and utility lines, and can greatly cut down on energy bills. All the solar-powered light needs is somewhere with good access to the sun. Like with other types of lights, solar-powered lights can be designed to be architecturally pleasing to the eye without sacrificing their reliability and performance. Best of all, solar lights can be used to illuminate areas where the traditional electric grid forces dark spots, or can reduce the amount of light that spills over into neighboring properties.

With the creativity of engineers in the world today, and the access to improved materials that they're given, parking lot lights are becoming more than just the same boxy lights from a few decades ago. By using unique design and taking advantage of solar power, lights in parking lots can continue to provide security and illumination, while still raising the property value.


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