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10 years in the Solar Lighting Industry

Posted by SEPCO Staff Authors | 3/26/13 9:30 AM

StephanieHere it is Tuesday morning and it is my week to write a blog post.  I think to myself, is this really important, is this the best and most efficient thing I could be doing with my time?  And of course coming from the GenX I Google the benefits of blogging and I come to the conclusion that it is definitely worth it.  Therefore, now I know it is important-- so important that I cannot find the courage to throw something together and move on with my daily tasks.  Surely, someone who has been in the solar lighting industry for 10 years has something to share.  Yesterday I received a call from a lighting designer who will speak on behalf of solar lighting at Lightfair, I find I can be long winded and passionate on the phone when discussing our solar lighting products and how great LED’s have become as well as all the reasons lighting designers should know when to use and feel comfortable specifying solar LED street lighting and beautiful solar decorative lights for their next lighting project. 

I had my 10 year anniversary at Solar Electric Power Company last week.  Then this week I conducted an interview with a young lady starting off her career and in her mid-20’s talking about her quarter life crisis.  I laughed and it brought me back in time, when I started out my career in the solar lighting industry.  I dreaded being stuck in an office setting; I had no clue what my career had in store for me.  I was ready to make the big leap from college studies to the big long time career.  I had worried that I might not be able to hold a steady career, or that I might let my family down.  Not only is this my career, but it is also my family.  I work for my parents in a family business.  I remember coming home from school and listening to my parents discuss projects over the dinner table.  I also remember going on family vacations to spots where projects were so they could get really good photographs of the installations, etc. 

I grew up thinking that I was going to stay out of the family business.  I thought I was going to go and venture out on my own and be independent and have my own career.  Then my quarter life crisis hit me shortly after I spent 7 years in college and completed my graduate studies.  It hit me like a ton of bricks; I wanted to be a part of the Family Business.  “WHAT?” Yes, you heard me; the one thing I thought that I wanted to stay out of is the one thing that drew me in.  Of course we all have to make money, so why not do it while enjoying the company of our family.  What I envisioned as a young child as mixing business and family as a negative, shortly became what I would embrace and love.  I get to work every day with the ones that I love.  Furthermore, family businesses play an influential role in society because of their commitment to community, their sense of responsibility to give back to those who aided them in their success, and because of a motivation driven by the ideals of family, partnership and responsibility rather than solely that of making a profit at any cost.

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Written by SEPCO Staff Authors

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