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Solar LED Parking Lot Lights for Oconee Park and Ride

SEPCO 7/2/13 8:30 AM
Oconee Solar LED Parking Lot Lights

Oconee Park & Ride GA Solar LED Parking Lot Lights


Oconee Park & Ride recently installed some solar LED lighting systems for their park and ride parking lot. These solar powered LED parking lot lights provide illumination to travelers coming in the early morning or arriving late at night. Other new features of the Oconee Street Park and Ride lot and surrounding area include three new bus shelters, an information kiosk, security cameras, an emergency call station, bicycle lockers for travelers, an upgraded traffic signal at the State Route 10 Inner Loop on-/off-ramps and Oconee Street intersection, area sidewalk and pedestrian crossing improvements, and a U-turn lane at the intersection of Oconee Street and State Route 10 Outer Loop on-/off-ramps.


This project also incorporates many green initiatives, including pervious concrete and celled aggregate parking bays to reduce run-off and encourage recharge of rain water into the underlying soils, rain gardens to provide treatment of contaminated run-off, tree plantings, and solar-powered LED lighting.


Solar LED Parking Lot Lights


The solar powered LED parking lot lighting systems consist of a 340 Watts solar power system with a 448 Amp Hour battery assembly powering a Genesis LED light fixture. This system is sized to provide dusk to dawn lighting with 8 days autonomy for cloudy weather. This ensures the safety and security of the travelers and their vehicles by providing proper lighting for the Oconee Park and Ride.


The Oconee Street Park and Ride was funded through a $2.4 million Federal Transit Administration grant as a Congressional Earmark in 2004 by then-Representative Max Burns. The project was initially approved in May of 2007 by the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission. The Georgia Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Administration were also involved in the planning of the lot. G.P.’s Enterprises Inc. of Auburn, Georgia began construction on the lot in May 2012.

Img Source: http://onlineathens.com/local-news/2013-01-24/oconee-st-park-and-ride-opens-public


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