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Choosing the Best Solar Lights for Your Community Development

SEPCO 11/8/11 9:30 AM
Choosing the Best Solar Lights for Your Community Development

Many communities are being developed today that could benefit from various types of solar lighting systems. We wanted to go over some solar lights that can be implemented at the beginning planning stages of communities, long before they go into the construction phase, to way down the line after everything has been completed.


Talking to the architects, engineers, contractors, and community board can showcase how they can save both environmentally and financially in all the areas showcased below. These will significantly impact the community and show the residents how the community values their well-being and the longevity of their area. Here are a few things that can be changed to renewable energy to lower costs and reduce the overall environmental impact.


Solar Roadway Lights

Coral Springs Solar Roadway Lights

Most developments have lights on the roadways stretching around a community. These lights provide safety and security to the residents while also improving the overall look of the area. In addition, solar lights are now offered with architecturally pleasing styles, allowing for a more pleasurable experience for the people in the community.


These lights can provide the same illumination as standard electrical lights, and if you live on a coastline, they can be wildlife and turtle-friendly as well. Dark sky fixtures are also available, providing plenty of illumination where needed and no light wasted into the night sky.


Solar Pathway Lights

Gardens of Woodberry Solar Pathway Lights

Walkways and pathways around the community can also be illuminated by solar power. These also include golf cart pathways as well. There is always a large stretch of sidewalks around a neighborhood, connecting one section to the next.


These lights can match the overhead lights used for the roadways or be much lower and more decorative than the roadway lights. The pathways provide safety to the residents as they move about the community on foot, bike, or golf carts. This is especially important for the children moving around the neighborhood at night.


Solar Parking Lot Lights

Hilo Big Island Solar Parking Lot Lights

Most communities have a pool, clubhouse, golf club, playgrounds, and other gathering structures where parking lots exist. These parking lots need adequate light for the security of the residences and vehicles. In addition, as people come and go from these various areas, they will require some illumination to move to and from their vehicles and amenities.


Solar parking lot lights provide the same lighting levels without the additional trenching of installing traditional electricity. These lights would operate to allow guests of these facilities to move around to their vehicles at night easily and easily spot obstacles that could pose a problem.


Some communities also offer their services as venues for special parties, such as weddings, where outside visitors will attend. Again, having adequate lighting for these guests will ensure that the community isn’t open to additional liabilities from outside visitors either having issues with moving around the designated areas or for security to spot outside visitors.


Solar Sign Lights

World Quest Resort Solar Sign Lights

The entrance to a community is the first showcase of the community. Therefore, having the entrance sign properly illuminated to show off the community can be the best way to attract new people to come to visit and join. Small signs around the community, such as directional and banner signs, can also be illuminated with solar power.


One of the most significant benefits of these lights is the lack of trenching needed to bring in standard electricity as these signs are typically in median and remote locations. Just drop the pole in the ground and mount the solar and fixture; no additional digging is required.


Solar Landscape Lights

Palm City Tree Lights for Solar Landscape Lights

Communities like to showcase their landscapes around the development by adding lighting. These lights can also be powered by solar, and since a single solar power system can power multiple fixtures, there is no need for a single solar power system for each light.


There are also landscape lights available for the individual homeowner. These lights do not provide the same lighting levels as commercial solar lighting systems; however, they provide atmospheric lighting and outline walkways, driveways, and other landscape areas.


Residential-style solar lights can be found at any hardware, big-box store, or online. These lights typically only provide a few hours of illumination and do not provide a backup for times of inclement weather or winter months, but are perfect where the lighting is not required to meet specific requirements.



So next time there is talk about lighting in a community, remember solar lights can provide the same lighting needs while reducing the impact on the Earth and the wallet.


For large-scale projects like the ones motioned above, make sure to seek a reputable manufacturing company. Different solar panels, batteries, control electronics, and fixtures will make or break the solar lighting project.


Making sure the lighting levels required by the project are met and the companies providing the lights have high-quality parts will save you time and frustration in the long run by lowering the maintenance and increasing the life of the systems purchased.