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Sun and Its Energy: The Perfect Synergy

Posted by SEPCO | 2/6/18 10:00 AM


“The sun is the only safe nuclear reactor, situated as it is some ninety-three million miles away.” - Stephanie Mills

Sun has provided energy from time immemorial to all the living creatures on the earth for their growth and development. The concerns about climate change and continuous depletion of energy resources have paved way for renewable sources of energy. Technology has seen immense caliber in sun and hence the solar industry has become a pivot of renewable energy sector. The trend is on rise for all the good reasons.


The power of sun’s energy lays in a fact that Sunlight Striking Earth’s Surface in Just One Hour Delivers Enough Energy to Power the World Economy for an Entire Year.


Long Island Solar Farm has the capacity to generate 32MW of electricity enough to power over 5,264 New York homes. To open the doors of more sustainable and cleaner future, it has become essential to switch to solar energy for the benefits it gift to us.


1) A drastic drop in energy bills

Saving a penny today will result in mountain of dollars saved in longer run. Large amount of monthly expenses are spent on electricity bills and it is applicable to all the homeowners or business owners.


Solar Panels are those golden hens which will make sure that you save more and more dollars. Switching to solar energy means generating your own electricity, this will lead to savings on your energy bill. The generated unused energy can be sold back to the grid, making you energy self-reliant.


Solar panels are the investment which finds its way for 20% or more ROI in seven to eight years. The Washoe county School District for instance began implementing solar panels about eight years ago, and they continue to see the fruitful results. 12% of the school’s energy is powered by the sun leading to saving of over $16000 in electric bills and they are planning to increase the solar load on school.


2) The Tax credits you cannot ignore

The incentives and tax credits offered are the major pushing factor on the installation of solar panels. The tax credits offered on installing a system in New York state cam make you save up to 25% and if you own your system you can save up to whooping 47.5%.


When you will file your taxes, you will get 30 percent of total system costs back from equipment and installation as a federal income tax credit.


The typical solar payback period in the U.S. is between 6 and 8 years. On instance, Installing a solar panel if costed you $25000 making you save around $3500 a year on foregone energy bills, then your solar panel payback period will be 7 years approximately ($25,000/$4,500 = 7.1).


This little payback period and useful life of 25+ years is the key factor for installing solar panels at your premises.


3) A Shield against degrading Environment

Buildings in U.S. are responsible for 38% of all the carbon emissions. Switching to solar panels can reduce this number by huge margin and can eliminate three to four tons of carbon emissions each year.


The water required for maintenance of solar panel is quite less, while in case of nuclear power plants, they require 20 times more water than solar panels. Since most of the solar installations are in the urban areas, the major benefit of it is being noiseless. Embracing solar panels mean zero production of green house gases and no water pollution.


Whether it’s a drought or a heat wave, it will have no effect on working of solar panels because of its least dependency on water to generate electricity.


4) A topsy-turvy increase in home value

A good exterior paint with beautiful interior décor is an outdated tactic to attract buyers for your home. Installing solar panels is in trend and if you install it and have to relocate in coming 5 years , is it a good deal to install solar panel ?


Going solar will still be a beneficial decision for you as a study conducted by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) concluded that homes with solar panels sell 20% faster and for 17% more money.


Taking into consideration all the side effects of other sources of energy, going solar is need of an hour.


About the Author: This is Alex Yackery. I am a fine writer and co-owner of VentureHome Solar, an organization into solar panels installation service located in New York, United States. I am passionate about all things related to solar energy & clean energy.

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