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The Economic Opportunity of Renewable Energy Jobs

SEPCO 10/4/21 10:51 AM
The Economic Opportunity of Renewable Energy Jobs

Right now, the economy is in a difficult place. As companies still struggle to recover from the hits of the COVID-19 pandemic, the virus and all its variations continue to spread. In this uncertain environment, sustainable innovation may feel like it’s stalling. However, the renewable energy sector has the potential to help the world break into a cleaner and more lucrative future, transforming the COVID economy into something greater.


Renewable energy jobs are how we get there. From solar panel installation to coordinating data networks between power grids, work in renewable energy can save businesses money and reduce resource consumption. As a result, environmental conditions can improve while workers are put to tasks that make a real, fulfilling difference in the world.


As the renewable energy sector continues to grow despite pandemic conditions, the careers this industry produces are worth looking into. Here, we explore the economic opportunity inherent in renewable energy jobs.


The Upwards Trend of the Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy and adjacent job opportunities have been talking off with consistency unseen in the oil and gas market, for instance. Renewables are popular because market conditions and unforeseeable events have both demonstrated the value of energy independence of a kind that can only be achieved through renewables. The public can benefit exceptionally from clean energy grids, and that includes financial benefits.


Because what most people don’t know is that renewable energy is becoming far cheaper than traditional fuels like coal. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly all coal plants would be more expensive to operate than to replace with wind or solar processes by 2025.


Back in 2018, even, green energy job growth was already outpacing many of the world’s biggest industries. At 4.2% of all jobs added nationally, clean energy employment made up a big portion of the country’s job growth.


Now, renewable energy is set to become the “new normal” in the wake of unprecedented booms. The COVID-19 pandemic seemingly did nothing to stall the green energy sector, which experienced a record increase in energy capacity across 2021. A 90% rise in global wind capacity additions played a part in this frenzy.


The future only looks better for renewables. With countries all over the world adopting green energy programs and incentives, growth in this industry is widespread. This will have the invaluable benefit of helping clear the world of harmful pollutants and reduce the rates of dangerous chemical exposure among workers.


Green energy means cleaner, safer working environments. Rapid industry growth only sweetens the deal for many seeking a career in sustainability, renewables, or engineering.


Promising Renewable Energy Jobs

Economic opportunity in the renewables industry looks like it will only keep growing. As consumers flock to sustainable businesses and purchases that align with their values, renewable products of all kinds are more likely to generate public interest.


On the energy side, the value and cost efficiency of renewables will continue to stimulate investment. This means plenty of lucrative and meaningful careers for the sustainability-minded professionals of the future.


Here are examples of renewable energy jobs that are helping to build economic opportunities:


Renewable Energy Engineer

Renewable energy engineering is a profession that will be in high demand as the world transitions to fossil fuel alternatives, and this means plenty of opportunities for the right candidates.


Renewable energy engineering is the science of developing and maintaining mechanical systems that operate on green fuel sources. Typically, that means wind, solar, and even nuclear. Starting in the field pays a salary of around $70,000 or more, and the demand for qualified engineers is only going to go up. Consultant and mechanical work are highly available in the meantime for renewable energy engineers looking to make a difference.


Solar Installer

Currently, most homes and businesses aren’t equipped with the features they need to channel renewable energy to its full potential. That’s where installation and hardware jobs come in. The renewable energy future needs skilled professionals to successfully transition energy utilization into the modern era, and that could be you.


A solar installer is one example of a flourishing career that is also open to the right entry-level candidates. With some on-the-job training, a solar installer can enter a career set to expand by 51% between 2019 and 2029. The median salary is around $45,000 with plenty of room for growth.


Wind Technician

You’ve likely seen wind turbines propagate across the landscape in recent days. These massive structures require workers who can evaluate, adjust, and repair as needed to keep wind energy flowing. As a result of cheaper access to renewables, more of these turbines are going up and they need the personnel to maintain them.


A wind technician installs, maintains, and repairs wind turbines for a median salary of $56,000. A career in this field can be started with only a high school education and an on-the-job training program. This field can make a big impact when it comes to expanding job opportunities across the country.


A Future of Green Economic Potential

The future is ripe with economic opportunities that stem from renewable energy jobs. These advancing careers come with plenty of room for upward mobility and adjacent services, making for a cleaner and financially beneficial industry. However, to secure a future of green potential, professionals of all kinds must be active in combating greenwashing.


Greenwashing is the practice of making unsubstantiated claims about the sustainability of products and processes. As you find your ideal green career, stick with work you know makes a real difference. Avoid greenwashing and get started as a renewable energy pro today.