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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas: Pathway Lighting

Solar Pathway Lighting Systems

3 Easy Steps to Implement Solar Pathway Lighting Systems

Pathway lights cover a myriad of different applications. They can encompass small walkways like in front of a house or building, landscaping areas, or extensive walkways like..

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Solar Lighting Can Enhance Bike Paths

3 Ways Solar Lighting Can Enhance Bike Paths in 2021

We all need to be physically active if we want to be healthy and fit. Working out regularly can help protect our bodies from numerous illnesses, including arthritis, diabetes,..

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Installing Solar Bollards

What Are The Benefits Of Installing Solar Bollards?

  With technological developments on the rise, the increased popularity and advancements of solar bollards are a milestone. The lights use highly efficient solar energy and offer..

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Solar Pathway Lighting Systems

Review of Solar Pathway Lighting Systems for Walking Trails

  Solar lighting systems come in many shapes and sizes. From large scale overhead systems that operate all night and have huge solar panels and battery backups, to small scale..

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Solar LED Lighting for Parks and Recreation

Best Solar LED Lighting Systems for Parks and Recreation

  There are many different areas that can be illuminated in any park; from entrance and directional signs, to parking lots and roadways, walking or biking trails, boat ramps,..

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Solar Lighting Systems are the Best for Parks and Recreation

  Parks and Recreation Departments have been using solar lighting systems for many years now as they provide a solution to illuminate the required area without disturbing the..

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Harris County Solar Bike Path Lighting Systems

Reasons Solar Bike Path Lighting Systems Are Gaining Traction

  In the last couple of years, we are seeing an increase in bike paths being installed all over the US. This is because of an increased desire for people to become more active on..

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Solar Walkway Lighting

Gardens of Woodberry Solar Walkway Lighting

  SEPCO recently worked with a local Property Management Company for a neighborhood to provide lighting along walkways and street lights in areas that were difficult to bring..

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Solar Powered LED Outdoor Light for Walkways

Solar Powered LED Outdoor Lights for Walkways and Pathways

Walkways and pathways have two main ways to provide lighting; overhead or low level lighting. Overhead lighting is provided by traditional fixtures either standard industrial..

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Solar Pathway Lights for Port St Lucie

What’s The Difference Between Solar Pathway Lights?

So all solar pathway lights are created equal? The short answer is no. There are many different style, sizes, and functionalities between different solar pathway lighting systems...

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Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

Cost Savings through Commercial Solar Lighting Systems

It is estimated that lighting alone accounts for 12% of the total U.S. electrical consumption every year, using upwards of 461 billion kWh of electricity. This is a heavy cost to..

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Solar Lighting Solutions

Solar Lighting Solutions are Bound to Make an Impact

  Businesses are always looking for ways to increase their bottom line while also providing a good image to their customers. Solar lighting solutions can positively impact a..

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