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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas: Solar Lighting Design (5)

Solar Power Lighting System Design

6 Solar Power Lighting System Design Questions

  We receive a tremendous amount of phone calls and emails expressing interest in our high performance off grid solar powered lighting systems. In order for our solar lighting..

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How Solar and LED Lighting is a Perfect Combination

How Solar and LED Lighting is a Perfect Combination

Just like milk and cookies, solar power and LED lighting are a perfect combination. They work well with each other while complimenting their best attributes. Let’s look at a few..

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Planning Budgeting Commercial Solar Lighting Project

Planning and Budgeting For Your Commercial Solar Lighting Project

Purchasing a good quality commercial solar lighting system can be a daunting task; the numbers alone can make you cringe. The savings are sometimes missed when you are looking at..

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Solar Outdoor Light System for Parking Lot

How to Choose a Reliable Solar Outdoor Light System

  Choosing a reliable solar outdoor light system for your next project can be a difficult task. All manufacturers have something unique that they offer that is different from the..

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Watts vs Lumens

Wattage vs Lumens: Know the Difference for Better Lighting

With the push for LED lighting, there is a lot to take into consideration now for lighting levels. One of the biggest arguments is a light Wattage versus the Lumens and..

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Solar Street Light Components

Solar Street Light Components: What’s in Your System?

There are many components involved in creating a commercial solar street light system. What components are used to manufacture the system can make or break a system over time...

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Solar Panels Bad Weather

Can Solar Panels Still Generate Power in Bad Weather?

  As I am sure we all can agree, no matter what, there is some sunlight even on the worst of days. Sunburns can even happen on a day when you don’t see the sun break through the..

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Parking Lot Lighting System

Solar Lighting Design: Lighting Zones Part 2

  Next best thing to address is how to select a specific lighting zone for an area. Different areas fall into different lighting zones and each has their own set of instructions..

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Solar Lighting Design by Zones

Solar Lighting Design: Lighting Zones Part 1

  When designing outdoor lighting requirements, there is a factor that doesn’t seem to get talked about much, lighting zones. These zones are used to help determine how much light..

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Complete Solar Lighting System Graphic

Solar Lighting Design Guide – Complete The System

Part 6 of the solar lighting design guide is putting it all together and completing the system. The complete system works together to operate exactly as expected. As you can..

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Choose a Solar Power Assembly Graphic

Solar Lighting Design Guide – Determine Power Assembly

Part 5 of the solar lighting design guide is about determining the power assembly. Now that you know what area of coverage you are requiring by determining the lumen requirements..

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Fixture Mounting Options Graphic

Solar Lighting Design Guide – Choose Mounting Hardware

  Part 4 of the solar lighting design guide is about choosing mounting hardware. SEPCO solar power assemblies come standard with a 45° / 5° mounting bracket and battery assembly..

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