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SEPCO-Solar Lighting's Blog on Renewable Energy and Green Ideas: Solar Power (3)

How will solar energy be used 20 years from now

How will solar energy be used 20 years from now?

The future is always hard to predict. But by tracing current trends in energy use, the solar energy industry, and scientific research into the future, we can pull back the curtain..

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Roof Solar Evergreen Solar

5 Important Things to Consider Before You Install Solar Panels

  Harnessing renewable sources of energy has always been a popular idea on a commercial level, but the good news is that it is slowly becoming a viable option at an individual..

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Why Shading is Bad for Solar Systems

Location Location Location: Why Shading is Bad for Solar Systems

Shade is a wonderful thing, especially in the summer down here in the south; however, it is bad for off-grid solar power and solar lighting applications. This is because shading..

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How Solar and LED Lighting is a Perfect Combination

How Solar and LED Lighting is a Perfect Combination

Just like milk and cookies, solar power and LED lighting are a perfect combination. They work well with each other while complimenting their best attributes. Let’s look at a few..

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How to Size Off Grid Solar Power Systems Like a Pro

How to Size Off-Grid Solar Power Systems Like a Pro

Off-grid solar power sizing can be tricky since you need to take into account many different factors so that you are never left without power. You also have to figure out how many..

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Solar Panels Bad Weather

Can Solar Panels Still Generate Power in Bad Weather?

  As I am sure we all can agree, no matter what, there is some sunlight even on the worst of days. Sunburns can even happen on a day when you don’t see the sun break through the..

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Off Grid Solar Power System for Flow Meter Flexim

6 Reasons Why Flow Meters Should Use Off Grid Solar Power Systems

Off-grid solar power systems provide power to many different applications. Flow meter systems can be used with many different applications such as gas, water, oil, or just about..

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Great Reasons to Use Solar

13 Great Reasons to Use Solar Power and Solar Lighting

Ever wonder why solar is a great alternative to standard grid electricity? Let's look at 13 great reasons to use solar power and solar lighting systems over traditional..

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Choose a Solar Power Assembly Graphic

Solar Lighting Design Guide – Determine Power Assembly

Part 5 of the solar lighting design guide is about determining the power assembly. Now that you know what area of coverage you are requiring by determining the lumen requirements..

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Solar Panels on Roof

How to Camouflage Solar Panels in a Residential Environment

When homeowners are first approached about putting solar panels on their house, a number of concerns inevitably pop up, ranging from cost to installation to the appearance on an..

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Install Solar Panels

5 Reasons to Install Solar Panels

Nowadays, sustainable uses of energy are being focused on a lot. With that usage of renewable and unconventional energy resources are more concentrated upon as compared to the..

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Clean and Maintain Solar Light or Power System

How To Clean and Maintain Your Solar Light or Power System

  Since there are no moving parts to a commercial solar LED lighting or solar power system, maintenance is quite easy and doesn’t need to be performed often. However, even if your..

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