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Solar Street Lights to Improve Security

Posted by SEPCO on 10/18/11 9:30 AM

Solar Street Light Fallujah Iraq

A while back our solar powered street light systems were installed in Fallujah, Iraq. There were a couple articles published on this project, but I wanted to refresh this project and show how solar street lights can be used for various security lighting projects.

The original project was installed in Fallujah along a 35 kilometer roadway to provide residences with security through lighting. As the electrical infrastructure in Fallujah would only allow for the lights to run a couple hours a night, the solar lights provide dusk to dawn lighting year around without pulling power from the electrical grid. The solar street lights also allowed for the community to have shops open later and allow for the return of community efforts such as removal of debris and garbage and return of a standard of living.

Solar street light systems do not need to be only installed in war torn countries. The lights can be installed in any area where lighting is needed and the electrical grid is either difficult to implement, where the grid is not reliable or areas looking for a green alternative to standard lighting. Since LEDs are becoming common place in the solar lighting industry, lighting levels are now being achieved better than with electrical lights while lowering the power consumption, making them the optimum choice for photovoltaic power.

Communities can also install solar street light systems as not only the Cobrahead fixture needs to be used for streets. More decorative fixtures are being used for streets in urban areas and for city’s urban streetscapes. Having the ability to adapt to different style fixtures allow a solar powered street light to be used for more applications.

Next time you think of street lighting, maybe you will think how there are options available and how solar street lighting can become a normal sight. What other types of lighting can be converted to solar power?

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