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Using Solar Outdoor Bollard Lighting for Pathways

SEPCO 4/8/14 9:30 AM

Solar Outdoor Bollard LightingA local park recently installed some solar outdoor bollard lights for their pathways around their park. These bollards light provide pathway lighting around the perimeter pedestrian walkway and add to the safety of this residential area. I wanted to provide you a good comparison of different style bollard systems for projects similar to this one.


You can find solar bollards that have the solar panel integrated into the top of the fixture with the battery storage inside the bollard themselves. These types of bollard lights are prone to vandalism as the solar panel is small and hard to protect. They are also typically not as bright and do not provide all night lighting. These systems are great for pathways that do not require much lighting and are used primarily for just path markers. If you find a system that will run all night, the lights are typically very dim and do not have much backup power for times of inclement weather. However, this type of bollard provides lighting and power all in one self-contained system.


You can also have a single solar power assembly powering multiple fixtures along a pathway. This can provide additional security for the solar as you can mount the solar high on a pole, out of harms-way. This design requires a little bit of trenching burying the wiring from the solar panel to each bollard on the string; however, there is still much less trenching than is required to bring in traditional grid power. The solar is typically sized for all night lighting with a bright LED lamp. The system also provides a minimum of five days backup power for times of inclement weather and to lessen the depth of discharge of the battery, extending the life of the system.


Depending on your needs for lighting, there is a system that will perfectly fit your requirements. Using bollards for low light applications where overhead lighting isn’t required is a great way to increase security while keeping with the style and architecture of the area.


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