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Eco-Friendly Holiday Tree Ideas

Posted by SEPCO on 12/13/11 9:30 AM

So I have been reading a lot of article on eco-friendly ideas for your holiday trees and I thought to put them all in one spot. Go read the original articles Real vs Fake Christmas Trees and A Truly Eco-Friendly Christmas Tree and let me know your thoughts.

Real Trees

Real Christmas TreeReal trees seem to be very popular and why wouldn’t they. They make the house smell great, they add that little bit of additional charm, and there is no need to store them throughout the year, great for people in apartments or smaller homes. However, even though they are farmed for just this purpose, it is still taking down a tree for the short term entertainment purpose. On top of that, it takes anywhere from six to 12 years for one tree to grow to the sizes sold in stores. They are also play a huge part in depletion of water, introducing more pesticides and herbicides into the environment, and use a lot of energy to maintain the crop and transport the trees adding more CO2’s to the atmosphere. Then again, they are renewable since they grow back, they provide clean air and a habitat for wild animals, and provide jobs. Some tips the original article states is buying organic trees, buy from a small, local farm to reduce transportation, and recycle the tree.

Artificial Trees

Artificial Christmas TreeArtificial trees are popular due to their smaller cost and reusability. However, they take a lot of petroleum to make the plastics in the tree and again your have the carbon dioxide-creating energy that is required to make and transport them. They also cannot be recycled, so once you are sick of them, you have to throw them away or sell them at to the next family. They are also produced primarily inChina; some scary things to read there like lead poisoning and such. And to top it all off, there is the issue of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) that can be dangerous to human health and the environment throughout its entire life due to poisonous chemicals that are released when it is just sitting there and should never be burned due to even more toxins that will be released. Okay, so fake trees are starting to look not so great.

Live Trees

Live Christmas TreeLive trees can be in the home during the holidays and then replanted outside after the New Year. However, the types of trees used are dormant during the winter and only last in that state for about a week inside a nice warm home. If it wakes up and begins to grow again, it will not survive the harsh weather conditions outside. It also takes transitioning into and out again from the home. This may not be an option for many people, but is a great one if you have the time to nurture the tree, read more about how to care for a living Christmas tree.



Rent a Tree

Finally, you can rent a tree. Yes, you heard me right, rent a tree. A lot of cities across theUSare renting living trees. The tree is potted and still growing. They will deliver the tree to you, you use it for decorations, and then after the holiday they will come pick it back up. There are a few rules like no tinsel, keep it watered, and don’t put it near the fireplace or heater.

Happy Holidays

Wishing everyone and thier loved ones a wonderful holiday!

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