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Eco Benefits of Green Gadgets (Infographic) from Earth911

Posted by SEPCO | 3/8/12 9:30 AM

Thanks to my friends @Bennu I found this great infographic by EPEAT® that Earth911 published. The infographic shows the benefits to choosing green products. 

Over the last five years, the typical consumer has been looking for an alternative to standard electronic devices and manufacturers have been stepping up to that plate. The reduction in energy usage has been drastically reduced while also lowering the greenhouse gases released and toxic materials used to produce the electronics.

Not only are the electronics becoming greener, but the number of countries and manufacturers participating in this movement have skyrocketed. If we stay on this same trend, we will be able to eliminate the toxic, non-recyclable, and outdated electronics replacing them all with a green option.

What green products have you replaced your old electronics with?

EPEAT Infographic

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Written by SEPCO

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