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Guide to Security Lighting: Why to Implement

Posted by SEPCO on 3/13/12 7:30 AM

Security Solar LightingSecurity lighting has been instrumental to deterring crime and improving security to public, business, and residential spaces. The lighting reduces crime by facilitating surveillance by authorities and communities after dark and enhances community confidence and increases informal social control. The objectives of installing security lighting include:

  1. Provide clear visibility of areas from a distance to see anyone moving in or around the area
  2. Remove potential hiding places around routes that are traveled by pedestrians
  3. Provide facial recognition at a distance of about 30 feet
  4. Assist the use of other safety devices such as cameras in the area
  5. Deter crime against property and people
  6. Increase nighttime pedestrian traffic and feeling of security

The responsibility of providing the security lighting falls on the property owner, business operator, or resident as it is not only assisting the surrounding area but also their own sense of self security. What is also beneficial in this aspect is that they know the surrounding area and the flow of traffic better than a stranger to the area.

Installing security lighting is beneficial to both personal home owners and business owners in different ways. To a personal home owner the why is simple, not only does it drastically lower the chance of a break in or theft of outside property it also, in the case of theft or trespassing, gives a much better chance at being able to identify the perpetrator or catching them on camera. This gives the homeowner a greater sense of control and safety should such a thing occur.

For the business owner the same sense of safety and control would apply but for them it also brings a sense of safety and security to the surrounding area and the people and employees who frequent the business. Night employees would undoubtedly feel much better about leaving their work if there were safety lights to light up their parked car. Customers who shop at night are also much more likely to shop at a business who has taken the time and care to set up security lights to brighten up their area rather than a dimly lit, shady looking store. As you can see the benefit of security lighting for businesses is not only for the safety of the business's property but also the people who use it.

As you can see the benefit of security lighting far outweighs the initial cost or hesitation of buying the lights. Nothing is worth more than the peace of mind and sense of safety that such a simple thing as lighting can bring to both the property owner and the business operator.

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