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13 Solar Bus Stop Lights for Sun Metro Transit

Posted by SEPCO on 4/10/12 8:30 AM

Sun Metro Solar Bus Stop LightWhen Sun Metro Transit in El Paso, TX wanted to provide lighting for their bus stops in areas with little or no lighting, they purchased and installed SEPCO solar power bus stop lighting systems through TX-based Solar Wind Technologies and Environmental Lighting Services.

SEPCO’s ultra-reliable, vandal resistant solar bus stop lighting systems are programmed to operate from dusk to dawn and feature a high intensity LED light fixture that effectively illuminates bus stop areas to provide a better sense of security, improved visibility and aid in the prevention of buses passing up riders at night. See original article on the solar bus stop lights the City of El Paso Press Release.

Better still, SEPCO solar power bus stop lighting systems mount directly to existing bus stop poles—which saved Sun Metro Transit the additional cost of installing new bus stop poles.  The system’s unique design offers the benefit of mounting the solar module south towards the sun (as required) and the flexibility of mounting and orienting the light fixture in whatever direction is needed to illuminate the bus stop area.

Best of all, because SEPCO bus stop lighting systems operate purely on off-grid solar power,  Sun Metro was able to completely eliminate the cost of extending the AC-power grid to the bus stop pole. How's that for a green solution?

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