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How to Motivate Employees to Be Greener in the Office

Posted by SEPCO on 11/20/12 9:30 AM

Green EmployeeIt is essential that you are always doing everything you possibly can to be as environmentally friendly as possible. With the environment being damaged more and more each day, we should be doing our best to try and avoid doing any more damage. Many people are already implementing eco-friendly techniques in their homes, however most people are failing to carry this on in the workplace. There are many things which you can be doing to make your office more eco-friendly and to make your employees to help you doing this.

Think of Green Ideas

To begin to make you workplace a more eco-friendly place, you should start by thinking of some ways you can make your office a greener place. Some ideas are to ensure that all electrical devices are turned off by the switch overnight, you should also ensure that all lights are turned off when they are not being used (such as in toilets, corridors and meeting rooms). Many people will leave their computers on overnight or corridor lights on for convenience, however you are doing a lot of damage to environment doing this. Other ways you can try and make your workplace greener is by providing recycling bins around the office and in the staff room which will encourage your employees to use rather just throwing their rubbish in the waste bin.

Encourage My Employees to Contribute

Having ways to make your workplace greener is easy enough, however the difficult part is getting your employees to contribute to helping your workplace become greener. You should begin encouraging them by explaining why you are trying to make your workplace a more eco-friendly place. You should explain that it is not just to help the environment why you are implementing all these green techniques but it is also now asked by law to reduce the waste which you produce and reduce the energy which you use.

You should provide updates to your employees to how well you are currently doing with reducing the amount of waste and energy you use, this will allow your staff to feel valued and that the extra stuff they are doing is making a difference.

You should also increase the staff’s involvement by encouraging them to think of ways which you can make the workplace greener. You should turn this into a little competition and the person or the department which comes up with the best ideas interior space planning environmentally friendly ideas, can have an early finish one day or provide them with a voucher for their hard work contributing.

About Author: Jake works on behalf of Mission Workplace who come up with great office fit outs which are environmentally friendly. For more information go to www.missionworkplace.co.uk

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