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6 Solar Power Lighting System Design Questions

Posted by SEPCO on 2/12/13 9:30 AM

Solar Power Lighting System DesignWe receive a tremendous amount of phone calls and e-mails expressing interest in our high performance off-grid solar power lighting systems. In order for our solar lighting specialists to provide a solar lighting system design/quote that will best meet customer’s needs, we invariably need to gather additional information by posing a series of project related questions; the answers for which will give our solar lighting specialists all the information needed to provide a comprehensive solar power lighting system design and quote specifically designed to meet customer’s lighting needs. Project questions include:

1. Where is the project located (zip code) to determine sun hours.

2. What type/style of fixture does your customer want? (i.e. Cobrahead, shoebox, contemporary, decorative...) click here to learn more about fixture choices.

3. What (if any) are the light level requirements?  If no specific light level requirements, general description of lighting objective.

  • Note: the wattage of the fixture determines the overall size and cost of the solar power system

  • If no AutoCAD file is available, in many cases overhead image/dimensions of the project can be pulled up on Google Earth

  • Otherwise a rough hand drawn sketch of the project--with rough dimensions of the area to be illuminated can prove very helpful

4. Do you have dimensions of the area that you want to light?

  • If there is an AutoCAD file of the project, we can provide a detailed lighting plan with the quote as well

5. Do the light fixture(s) need to operate at full intensity from dusk to dawn? 

  • Note: A considerable amount of money can be saved if the light fixture(s) can be turned off or dimmed throughout the course of the night as the means to reduce nightly energy consumption--thus reducing the overall size and cost of solar power system needed to power the light fixture

6. Does customer want light poles included in the quote?  If so, what style (i.e direct burial or anchor base) and what type (i.e. steel, fiberglass, aluminum)

With answers to these questions in mind, our solar lighting specialist will have all the critical information needed to provide a comprehensive solar lighting system design/quote that will undoubtedly meet customer’s lighting needs.

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