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Reduce Energy Grid Drain With Energy Star (Infographic)

Posted by SEPCO on 6/6/13 9:30 AM

When considering a new home, energy efficiency should be a foremost concern. Especially if the plan is to make a home that is self-sufficient for energy needs. While most homes don’t come standard with solar panels and windmills, there is an increasing number of new homes that are Energy Star certified. These homes must pass standards for energy efficiency as laid out by the Environmental Protection Agency who runs the Energy Star program. Ryan Homes has created the following graphic to illustrate how much an Energy Star certified home saves on energy costs annually when compared to a typical, non-certified new home.

While saving money is nice (up to $600 a year apparently!), another major benefit of Energy Star certified homes is there reduced demand from the energy grid. If someone is interested in having a self-sufficient home, than installing Energy Star labeled appliances and building elements is an important part of being able to balance energy demand with production. Gradual improvements to energy efficiency throughout the home such as installing windows that retain additional heat, LED lighting or replacing old appliances. From an overall green perspective, improving how energy is saved within a home is just as important as improving how it is produced.

Energy Efficient Infographic

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