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Always Use Protection on Solar Systems

Posted by SEPCO on 12/22/11 9:30 AM

Solar lighting and power systems are a great way to showcase a green alternative to standard lighting and power options, but the solar needs to be protected. Solar cells are delicate and need additional protection from wind blown debris and vandalism. Since they are typically mounted on a pole, the backs are exposed to all types of things that can harm the solar cells.

Solar Power Panel Pan

Panel pans protect these delicate solar cells by covering the delicate material from the back. Protection is not the first thing thought of when looking for a solar lighting system; however, wind blown debris that gets kicked around during a good storm can have horrible effects on the solar and cause the system to fail. 

Theft and vandalism is also a major concern of solar installations. Theft and breaking of the solar arrays cost companies and individuals great amounts of money. By implementing solar power array panel pans lessen the ability to damage the systems, and installing with vandal hardware does not allow for theft due to the need for specialized tools.

Next time you are in the market for a solar system, make sure your investment will be well protected from outside issues. Ask your solar manufacturer what they do to protect the solar arrays and is there an option for vandal hardware for installation. With the cost of solar still high, make sure your system will last.

What other ways can you protect your investment?

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