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Solar Powered Landscape Lights for Wawa in Parkland FL

SEPCO 1/16/18 10:00 AM
Solar Powered Landscape Lights for Wawa in Parkland FL

SEPCO recently completed a project in Parkland FL for a newly constructed Wawa gas station. SEPCO worked to provide solar landscape lighting for the perimeter of the property, illuminating the trees from the ground. The systems feature multiple single 275 Watt solar power assemblies powering three or five ARF flood fixtures per system to operate all night, dusk to dawn. The solar is able to be installed in full sun locations while the fixtures are installed under trees in the shaded areas. This remote solar is what really sets SEPCO apart from others.


Wawa SolarARF Landscape Lighting


Parkland FL has included in their municipal code that solar lighting would need to be implemented into new construction sites on the commercially zoned property. Wawa wanted landscape up lights along the boundaries for the new trees and found our solar landscape lighting solution to provide exactly what they needed to follow the new code.


Wawa Solar Landscape Lights


Parkland FL Sec. 91-60. - Luminaire requirements states “All outdoor pole lighting installed on the commercially zoned property, pursuant to a building permit issued subsequent to January 1, 2009, except for pole lighting in a development constructed pursuant to a site plan or master plan approved and active as of July 2, 2008, shall be one hundred (100) percent solar powered lighting. In all cases where light fixtures on the commercially zoned property are replaced subsequent to January 1, 2009, the replacement lighting shall be one hundred (100) percent solar-powered lighting.


In all cases where the design of pole lighting fixtures in a commercial zoning district is altered, or where a pole light fixture is replaced subsequent to January 1, 2009, said lighting fixtures shall be subject to community appearance approval in accordance with and said lighting shall be required to comply with this section and shall be one hundred (100) percent solar-powered.


All pole lighting on the commercially zoned property shall be required to be one hundred (100) percent solar powered by June 18, 2018. Where, because of restrictions set forth in the Florida Building Code, or other provisions of the City of Parkland Land Development Regulations, or other circumstances beyond the owner's control, it would be an undue hardship to install one hundred (100) percent solar-powered lighting the city commission may waive the requirement of this section in whole or in part upon application to the community development department, and after a review and recommendation by the planning and zoning board.”


Wawa Solar LED Landscape Lighting


This project was originally for site lighting, walkway lighting, and tree lighting. During the quoting stage, the budget was changed and they decided to just continue with the tree lighting, deleting the walkway, and using grid power for the site lighting.


The systems were purchased and installed by the general contractor on the project. The complete systems were powder coated to blend into the surrounding area and the fixtures were ground mounted to shine up at the new palm trees.


SEPCO was able to easily adapt to the project requirements and provide a system that will last the WAWA for many years to come. The installation of the tree uplighting floods allowed for the landscape to stand out from others and provide a green alternative to standard grid-powered lighting. Definitely a project we are happy to showcase.