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Solar and Wind Working Together for a Single Purpose

Posted by SEPCO | 10/4/11 7:30 AM

Solar Wind Hybrid Light

We completed a project with a company that integrates a solar power system with a wind turbine. Both are used to generate power to charge a battery that powers a light at night. This system can then charge the battery during the day using both technologies and throughout the night with the wind system.

Here’s a great video on how one community used solar and wind hybrid systems to make the Fish Creek park light up at night without having utility costs associated with standard electrical. The City of Grand Prairie uses solar and wind lighting systems to power the lights from dusk to dawn to keep the families, walkers, and joggers safe from unwanted company.

Solar Wind Hybrid Light

This also cost the city less as there is no reason for grid extensions. The lights run on the solar and wind power alone, allowing for quick installation and no wires having to go underground. The solar wind hybrid systems also allow for no power bills from the local utility company saving the city even more money.

Combining solar and wind power is a great solution when the amount of sun is not as high as in other areas because it would lower the amount of solar required to power the device. For more information on a solar wind hybrid system, contact us here at SEPCO.

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