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Ways to Save Money with Solar Outdoor Lighting

Posted by SEPCO on 6/21/16 10:00 AM


Solar outdoor lighting solutions help businesses provide lighting to the exterior areas of their buildings for safety and security of their visitors as well as employees. While there are plenty of options on how to light those areas, one of the biggest points of examination is if you want to take advantage of an option that can provide an ROI, such as a solar outdoor lighting system, or a lower initial cost with a higher overall cost, such as grid powered old style lights.


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Solar Tax Credit Facts and Information: Use It Before It Runs Out

Posted by SEPCO on 1/26/15 10:00 AM

The solar tax credit helps homeowners and businesses alike to lower the cost of using solar for their home and business. This tax credit provides a 30% Federal Tax Credit that can be applied to homeowners towards their personal income tax or to businesses to apply towards their Federal business income tax. This can add up to huge savings. And if all of the money isn’t used that year, it can be rolled over to the next, up to five consecutive years.

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How to Determine the ROI on Your Solar Lighting Project

Posted by SEPCO on 9/30/14 9:30 AM


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Finding Funds for Nonprofits Renewable Energy Projects

Posted by SEPCO on 8/26/14 9:30 AM

Many organizations do not qualify for the renewable energy tax credits since they are nonprofit. That seems unfair since there is little incentive to get these types of organizations to utilize renewable energy. This bothered me and so I did some research and here is what I found that nonprofit organizations, such as churches, HOA’s and other organizations can do to gather the funds to utilize solar energy without killing their bottom line.


There are still grants that are available and nonprofits can qualify for these. Grants can be difficult to find, but with a little research, you may be able to find one that fits your needs best. Some great information can be found on the Energy.gov, FedCenter.gov and EPA.gov website about funding and financing of renewable energy project. Also talking to your local community representative may help find what local incentives are available for renewable energy projects. If there is nothing currently available, you can work on possibly sparking an interest and getting them to consider it in the near future.

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What the Solar Tax Credit Can Do for Your Solar Installation

Posted by SEPCO on 2/18/14 9:30 AM

Solar has come down in price a lot over the last couple years; however, it is still out of reach for a lot of people. There are different tax credits available that can help cut down the out of pocket costs of solar and provide an incentive to installing solar. Here is a basic overview of the federal tax credit available to residences and businesses alike.

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Is Solar Lighting the Answer? Here’s 4 Great Reasons Why

Posted by SEPCO on 9/25/12 9:39 AM

Solar power has been around for quite some time, and the sun has been around a little longer, a few million years or so. The solar industry is growing at an enormous rate, faster than ever imagined. Solar lighting makes up only a small percentage of the industry, but can provide many options to standard electrical lighting.

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Solar Power Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted by SEPCO on 1/26/12 9:30 AM

I have been following a post on Wiki Answers for a while on the advantages and disadvantages to solar power and wanted to share the results. The discussion started a while ago and has had a lot of feedback. Here are the results.

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Financials Behind Renewable Energy

Posted by SEPCO on 1/17/12 9:30 AM

Renewable energy presents numerous exciting financial benefits to consumers, in addition to the obvious environmental merits. As fossil based energy reserves – natural gas, coal and petroleum – continue to dwindle, there is an increasingly growing drive to seek alternative sources that are more sustainable and eco-friendly.

From federal tax credits and bonus depreciation schemes to state incentives for efficient energy use, consumers stand to gain from adopting renewable energy alternatives. Additionally, a number of utilities offer rebates of up to $4000 for wind and solar installations. The most widely used forms of renewable energy in homes are wind and solar electric systems. Homeowners can either choose to power parts of their homes or meet their entire home power needs using a renewable source. Here’s how you can benefit from your renewable energy system:

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Good News from FPL 2012 Solar Incentives Application is Back

Posted by SEPCO on 11/3/11 9:30 AM

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Renewable Energy and Commercial Buildings: Tax & Energy Savings

Posted by SEPCO on 10/27/11 9:50 AM

What if you could reduce your energy costs, utilize cutting edge technology, generate a significant tax reduction AND receive a tax credit all at the same time?

Federal and state tax incentives available for the purchase and use of renewable energy products can have dramatic impact to a company’s bottom line and tax savings.

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