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Benefits To Working With A Solar Light Distributor

SEPCO 6/13/18 10:00 AM
Benefits To Working With A Solar Light Distributor

When you are looking to complete your next solar LED light project, look to using a distributor to help with the process of finding a reputable manufacturer, designing the system, and purchasing the product. Distributors have a large network of manufacturers they have relationships with and know quality products that they can refer you to use for almost any project. Here are some of the benefits of working with a solar light distributor for any project, small to large.


Large Network of Manufacturers

Electrical distributors work directly with the manufacturers of solar lighting systems. This means they typically know the products well or at least know who to reach out to to get more information on a product, such as a lighting manufacturer representative. Since manufacturers are located worldwide, having a distributor that can reach the manufacturer can ensure you are working with a reputable company that they have an established relationship with and you don’t have to worry about the logistics of bringing the product to your site.


Distributors also weed out the bad companies. If their customers continuously complain about a specific manufacturer's product, the line can be pulled from the distributor's line card. Many manufacturers have to also go through a process to get their products on a specific distributor's line card, such as Grainger. Most companies don't just work with anyone, on either end of the sale. 


Credit Terms and Pricing Discounts

Distributors are large and have the ability to extend credit terms to their customer base. Many manufacturers work with financing upfront with no credit terms. This can be tricky, especially when projects go into the higher spectrum of costs. Instead, purchasing the solar lighting products through a distributor may allow for credit terms to be extended.


Even better, distributors can get discounts that the general public is not able to from the manufacturers directly. Since distributors take on a lot of the paperwork, marketing, logistics, and storage, manufacturers can cut down their overhead and pass those savings along to the distributors which can save the end-user a little green. This type of relationship also allows the manufacturer to focus on making a product and the distributor on getting it out to their customers.


Shipping and Logistics

Distributors can work directly with the solar light manufacturer to have the shipment sent to their local facility, or even to your job site. The distributor can handle large shipments and consolidate all equipment for a single project into a location for easy pickup, even storing it until you are ready for the equipment for installation.


Most manufacturers do not have the storage capabilities to hold onto equipment for a period of time and instead prefer to complete and ship as soon as possible.



Finally, most projects don’t have a single product that you are required to deal with. Most electrical distributors have access to a multitude of different products and can put together a single order that includes the solar lights along with other fixtures, poles, wiring, and so many other components. This cuts down on the run around trying to gather all components for a single project, saving time and reducing stress.


As you can clearly see, working with distributors can really have many benefits. Distributors provide many personalized services manufacturers sometimes can’t since they specialize in a single product, such as solar light systems, where a distributor has many different avenues for different aspects of a project. Speak to your local solar light or electrical distributor to get more information for your next project.


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