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5 Amazing Renewable Energy Videos

SEPCO 8/1/13 9:30 AM
5 Amazing Renewable Energy Videos
Solar Power

Donald Sadoway: The missing link to renewable energy

Take a look at a great video from a recent TED.com conference that goes over a great innovation to energy storage. This video features a way to invent our way out of the energy storage crisis to be able to harness renewable energy at all times, store the power, and use that stored power to feed the grid to keep up with the energy demands at all times.


Renewable Energy and the Energy Transition

Here is a great video showing why moving towards renewable energy is needed and how Germany is actually able to do this. Definitely shows how one country is doing it and how the rest of the world should follow in their footsteps.



The Future of Renewable Energy: Quayle Hodek at TEDxMaui 2013

Yes, another TED talk, but there is a ton of great information from TED. Quayle talks about how he is working to convince companies to use renewable energy. He also explains on why renewable is at its tipping point and will eventually win overall for power.


The Artificial Leaf - Renewable Energy - Horizons

Harvard professor Daniel Nocera created a device that is working towards storing solar energy when the sun is down. Using water to split the hydrogen cells from oxygen cells and using the hydrogen at night to power devices. This could change how we do energy storage with solar energy.


The future of energy?

Cambridge University talks about how the demand of energy continues to skyrocket and ways to either improve our use of energy or find carbon neutral ways of producing energy. They cover wind energy and the pros and cons of this form. They also talk about ccs research and ideas for moving forward. They also go over ways to use less energy and improve efficiency of using the materials we already have.